Why the plastic granulator closes down immediately?

2021-12-01 14:27:56

The central system of plastic granulator

A screw turns in the barrel and presses the plastic ahead. The screw is a likely surface area or incline injury on the facility layer. The function is to enhance the stress to conquer the more outstanding resistance.
The extruder has to conquer four resistances when functioning:
1. The rubbing pressure of vital bits (feeding product) on the cylindrical tube wall;
2. The shared rubbing in between the turning of the screw;
3. The adhesion of the thaw on the cylindrical tube wall;
4. The stream resistance within the thaw when it's pressed ahead.

plastic granulator workshops

The plastic granulator quits momentarily throughout utilize, and the hold doesn't roll.

The factor for this failure:
1. The primary power provided is not connected;
2. The home heating time wants, or among the heating units, doesn't work, triggering extreme torque and overloading the electrical concept.
Ways to handle this failing
①. Inspect whether the hold circuit is linked and powered on;
②. Inspect the temperature level show of each area, verify the preheating time, inspect whether each heating unit is harmed or has terrible get in touch with, and remove it.


The primary electrical concept of the plastic granulator rolls

however, the screw doesn't turn. The factor for this failure:
1. The transmission V data transfer hangs, use and slip;
2. The security essential is freely gone down or detached.
Ways to handle this failing
①. Change the facility range of the V-belt, tighten up the belt, or change with a brand-new V-belt;
②. Inspect the security essential, evaluate the reason for the damage, and change the security essential.


The screw of the plastic granulator typically runs

however, it doesn't discharge. The factors for this failure:
1. The receptacle feed is discontinuous, or the feed port is obstructed by international issue, or "bridging" occurs;
2. Steel complicated items fall under the screw groove to prevent the screw groove, and the product can't be fed generally.
Ways to handle this failing
①. Enhance the feed quantity to create the screw feed constant and not messy;
②. Closed down and inspect to eliminate the international issue in the product port to remove the "bridging" phenomenon; if it's verified that there's a global steel issue dropping into the screw groove, stop the screw instantly to eliminate the global steel issue.
Factors for the failing of the duct opening:
1. The basic materials are unclean sufficient with impurities;
2. The feeding rate is as well quick to create the screw extrusion uneven.


Upkeep and upkeep of plastic equipment and devices

1. Routinely inspect whether the quantity of oil in the lubrication pump and the engine base oil storage container suffices. Inspect the dependability of the lubrication system, and lube the removing components as needed. Upkeep coincides with the plastic granulator
2. Routinely inspect whether the pipe leakages and the securing problem of the bolts.
3. Often inspect whether the security gadget of the device is typical and efficient, particularly after altering the mold, check whether the mechanical insurance coverage was changed appropriately. Routinely inspect the ground link and the insulation of electric elements, and the aging of the cables.
4. Routinely inspect the oil filter or packaging problem, tidy and change it in time, and constantly note whether the oil is polluted and shabby. When the hydraulic oil transforms dark brownish and produces an odor, it's a symptom of oxidative wear and tear. The hydraulic oil ought to be upgraded as quickly as possible; when there are little black areas or clear, brilliant areas in the hydraulic oil, it implies that there are pollutants or steel powder blended in, and it ought to be filteringed system or altered.
5. The colder has to be saturated and cleaned up with carbon tetrachloride service every 5 to 10 months of the procedure.
6. The upkeep of vital parts such as screw and barrel should be performed according to the demands of the directions.

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