What is a plastic film recycling washing line?

2022-06-02 16:25:33

The waste film recycling and washing line is referred to as the waste film crushing, washing, recycling, and granulation system. It can process waste plastics such as waste plastic films, waste PP woven bags, plastic garbage bags, waste PE agricultural films, plastic films, greenhouse films, industrial waste films, shopping bags, stretch films, stretch films, etc. The waste PE film recycling and washing line have a wide range of uses and a large processing capacity. The whole set of crushing, washing, and recycling system is fully automated, with low energy consumption, adjustable output, strong practicability, and a high input-output ratio.


plastic film recycling washing line


The process of plastic film washing and granulation is composed of a conveyor belt, crusher, friction washing machine, plastic pre-shredder, sedimentation rinsing tank, plastic squeezing dehydrator, central dust removal device, hydraulic system, control cabinet, etc. It is composed of a regeneration granulation system such as crushing, friction washing, rinsing, squeezing and dehydration, recycling, and bagging of waste plastic films. It is easy to operate, has high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy-saving.

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