What is a Pla Infrared Dryer?

2021-10-22 19:03:25

What is an infrared dryer?

An infrared dryer, also known as infrared radiation heating equipment, is a device that converts electrical energy or other forms of energy into radiant energy. It is a critical component in the infrared heating system. The infrared dryer is mainly composed of two parts, namely the heat source and the radiation matrix.

What is the principle of infrared crystal dryer? What are the advantages and applications?
Infrared crystal dryers are widely used. They are mainly used in plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. The crystal drying rate is fast, the energy consumption is low, the physical properties of the raw materials can be maintained, and the production cost is reduced. Multi-economic benefits, it is economical and practical drying equipment.


The principle of crystallization dryer:

Energy Saving PLA Infrared Dryer With PLC Control crystallizes PET raw materials or recycled materials that have not yet been consolidated (crystal phase is a crystalline microstructure) into crystalline raw materials that can be directly dehumidified and dried. The system includes high-temperature heating devices, thermal insulation barrels, and Speed ​​drive mixing assembly. After the uncrystallized PET raw materials or crushed materials enter the hopper, they are crystallized and stirred simultaneously to prevent the raw materials from agglomerating and effectively reduce the product failure rate. The thickened plastic can be transported from the bottom of the hopper to the storage barrel or directly transported to the drying barrel for use after drying.


Advantages of PLA Infrared Dryer:

1. High-quality raw material output, complete structure, and controller design, mixing hopper to prevent aggregation, independently designed mixing blades, and positioning rods can ensure that the raw materials are often rolled to crush any clumps that may be formed in order to avoid Agglomeration of raw materials;
2. Automatic continuous operation, automatic detection of the temperature inside the hopper, to ensure the output of high-quality crystalline raw materials;
3. Satisfy the use characteristics of different raw materials, which can be directly processed online, or the crystalline raw materials can be stored after batch processing for later use;
4. The equipment is designed to be safe, easy to clean, safe, and reliable.
The Infrared Dryer can make the material heated evenly, the heat exchange is sufficient, the heat efficiency is high, the drying intensity is high, the energy consumption is low, and the energy-saving is about 30% compared with the ordinary dryer. The material flows in a single direction, no back-mixing phenomenon, uniform drying, stable quality, and no mixing is required. Moreover, the vibration source is driven by a vibration motor, balanced operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, and long life. Due to the increased vibration, the gas flow rate can be reduced, which can significantly reduce the air demand, thereby reducing the entrainment of filter dust. Other supporting heat sources, fans, cyclones, etc., can also be reduced in size and volume accordingly, making the complete set of equipment. The energy consumption is reduced, the energy-saving effect is more obvious, and there is no dust pollution problem. Therefore, the combination of PLA and crystallization dryers can achieve maximum energy saving and environmental protection.

Infrared Dryer

Application of PLA Infrared Dryer:

1. It can be used with a dehumidifier to directly perform dehumidification operations;
2. Optional vacuum hopper, suction machine, magnetic base, suction box for conveying operations;
3. Optional screw feeder can transport uncrystallized raw material and PET flakes stably and evenly.

In industrial production, many engineering raw materials need to be dried by a crystallization dryer. It is important to choose a high-quality crystallization dryer.


What is PLA?

Polylactic acid (PLA), also known as polylactide, is a polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material and belongs to the polyester family. The source of raw materials is sufficient and renewable. The production process of polylactic acid is pollution-free, and the product can be biodegraded to realize the circulation in nature, so it is an ideal green polymer material.
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable material. The starch raw material extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn) is fermented into lactic acid, which is then synthesized by polymer and converted into polylactic acid.
This environmentally friendly material can be used with a crystallization dryer to achieve maximum energy saving and environmental protection.

At present, this material is relatively easy to obtain, renewable, and suitable for large-scale intensive production; air permeability, transparency, gloss and hardness, stretch, and bending are comparable to traditional plastic resins; its monomer raw material L-lactic acid is The active substance required by the human body, so polylactic acid products are non-toxic and non-repellent to the human body, and can be absorbed by the human body. They can be made into medical tissue skeleton materials and medical carriers for safe use in the human body and have been certified by the US FDA; This material is completely degradable and can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water when buried in the soil for 6 to 12 months.


How to choose a suitable desiccant dryer for PLA polylactic acid?

1. Amorphous PLA polylactic acid needs to use low dew point (-40℃) dry wind at a lower temperature (43~45℃);
2. Crystalline PLA polylactic acid can be dried with low dew point drying air (dew point temperature -40°C) at a temperature of 65 to 90°C.
Packer PLA polylactic acid special dehumidification dryer machine adopts double cooler structure in the drying air circuit, can provide at least minus 40 ℃ low dew-point dry air, and the temperature control range is 40 ~ 110 ℃, which can effectively treat PLA The raw materials are dried.

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