What Is a PE Film Washing Line?

2022-11-25 15:42:41

What Is a PE Film Washing Line?

PE film washing line is industrial equipment designed for rinsing and cleaning thin films with dirt and sediment. It's high crushing, drying, and washing ability makes it one of the most popular options for producing different products. The machine comprises several parts, including a screw feeder, a washer, and a dewatering machine. It uses tumbling and rotational action to clean the films. The PE film washing line includes a rotating shaft with paddles along its length that act as agitators. Its speed can reach 500 RPM.

The PE film washing line consists of various machines that perform simple tasks. When the PE film is brought into the recycling facility, it contains many small soil particles. The film must be ground into smaller flakes, washed in two or more stages, and dried. The water consumption during the entire process is high, sometimes reaching 2 tons per hour. Each of the machines in the line represents a specific process step.

A PE film washing line can produce 150-2000kg of plastic scraps per hour. Its main components are a rotary drum, electric heating, and a 380V 50HZ power supply. It can also be built with additional components, such as a float washer, crusher, and dewatering system if you require more capacity. There are many options for the configuration of your PE film washing line.

The PP film washing line is a fully integrated system that combines one unit's cleaning and pelletizing processes. The dirty and mixed waste materials are transformed into raw materials for reuse throughout the process. In addition to tumbling and drying, the PE film washing line includes a friction washer to wash highly contaminated film flakes. The friction washer is installed after the hydro cyclone units and washing tank. This machine is used to remove fine particles from the treated material.

The PP PE film washing line is designed for recycling various waste films. It is made to process a variety of different plastics. The PP PE film washing line uses European and Japanese technologies and can be installed in any location. Its long-lasting and durable parts make it an excellent choice for any manufacturing operation. You can add a float washer or a crusher if you need more capacity. If you need to, you can also use a dewatering system.

The PE film washing line has eight significant machines. The first is the magnetizing stage. The second is the washing stage. A magnet is installed on a conveyor belt before the PE films enter the crushing machine. During the process, the magnetic materials are removed. Once this is complete, the film is ready to be recycled. You can either use it for recycling or sell it. If you want to sell recycled products, you can purchase them at the market.

The PE film washing line is ideal for your plastic film recycling needs. It can process a variety of waste films, including PET and PP. The system uses European and Japanese technologies to produce high-quality PP / PE granules. It is perfect for reusing all kinds of plastics. It is also environmentally friendly. A PP PE film washing line is available in two configurations: U-shaped or L-shaped.

A pp PE film washing line can be designed to process a variety of waste plastic films. Some PE films are baled, while LDPE/LLDPE films are tightly compressed and tied in large bundles. To process PP/PE, the equipment has to open these bales. Depending on the company's requirements, the PE film washing line can be configured in a U- or L-shaped configuration.

A PE film washing line is a machine composed of many parts. The machines are simple but effective. They need to break down the flakes that are in the PE films. Once this is done, the chips will be processed into a high-quality PP/PE granule. This granule can be used in a variety of applications. A PE film washing line can be used for a variety of applications.

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