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What is Plastic Washing Line?

The plastic washing line is a kind of cleaning equipment for waste plastics and waste bottles, which can be used with a waste plastic recycling machine.

The waste plastic washing line is also called a waste plastic washing machine; it is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in plastic recycling, especially for PET bottle recycling.

Basic knowledge
PET bottles are usually found in our lives, such as drinks and mineral water bottles. After the PET bottles are used up, the surface of the bottles will not be dirty, but if the bottle's inner wall is not cleaned in time, it will cause secondary pollution. For example, if there is no cleaning inside, it will cause bacteria or chemical substances to be left inside. If a significant amount of time is consumed, it will affect health, so there must be a special cleaning device to ensure that the inner wall of the bottle is clean.

Our plastic washing line is a complete plastic recycling system designed for cleaning dirty rigid plastics, such as plastic pallets, crates, bins and buckets, plastic IBCs, and many other types of bulky waste. The plastic washing line is typically composed of a Trommel Washer, Pre-shredder, Screw Feeder, Wash Screw, Plastic Squeezer Dryer, Dewatering Machine, and some auxiliary equipment like Metal Detector, Magnetic Separator, and so on.

The following contents will be explained in detail:
Raw material: waste plastics (hard waste plastics);
Production capacity: 300-1000kg/h;
Final product: pure clean PP/PE pellets.

a professional guide to plastic washing lines

What Can Materials Be Washed by the Plastic Washing Line?

The recycling of plastic waste is a very important aspect of contemporary environmental protection. With the rapid development of economic construction, the demand for plastic materials is increasing, and the number of plastic products that enter our lives is also increasing. At the same time, it also brought about a large amount of plastic waste. What plastics can be washed by a plastic recycling line? Let'sLet's take a look together!

The materials that can be washed by the plastic washing line mainly include:
1. Ordinary PE film: Agricultural film, vegetable bags, garbage bags
2. PP woven bag: Cement bag, feed bag, seedling bag
3. HDPE bottle: Lubricating oil bottle, detergent bottle, shampoo bottle
4. PVC bottle: Mineral water bottle, soda water bottle


What Does a Complete Plastic Washing Plant Consist Of?

A complete plastic washing system consists of:
1. One or more machines for drying and removing the moisture from the dryer;
2. One or several shredders for shredding the material;
3. One or several granulators for granulating the shredded material;
4. One or more storage silos for storing the washed and dried material;
5. A series of conveyors and conveyor belts that transport the weighed material from one point to another in your plant;
6. One or several silos for storing the washed material;
7. A series of conveyors and conveyor belts that transport the weighed material from one point to another in your plant;
8. One or several granulators for granulating the shredded material;
9. And finally, a series of conveyors and conveyor belts that transport the weighed material from one point to another in your plant.


What Are the Advantages of a Plastic Washing Line?

The plastic washing line is a new type of environmental protection produced by the use of advanced technologies. The plastic washing line has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient use, strong bearing capacity, and long service life. What are the advantages of it? 1. High strength, lightweight, and good toughness. It can be used in various places with large loads, safe and reliable.2. Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, acid, and alkali resistance.3. Lightweight: easy to install and transport, save freight costs.4. No peculiar smell: non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic.5. Beautiful appearance: smooth surface, no burr.6. High-temperature resistance: the service life is more than 20 years under normal temperature (25℃).


How Does Plastic Washing Line Work?

The whole process of the plastic washing line is similar to the traditional feeder, crusher, horizontal dewatering machine, dryer.

You only need to add some special equipment in the original production line, such as a friction washer, floating tank, high-speed friction washer. And according to the customer's request, we can customize the production line for you.

The following is a brief introduction of the function of each device:
1. The feeder is mainly used for feeding material and separating large pieces of impurities from the material.
2. The crusher can break large pieces of material into small pieces, which are suitable for the subsequent production process.
3. The friction washer and high-speed friction washing machine are mainly used for cleaning and removing labels.
4. The floating tank is mainly used for separating light impurities from heavy impurities in the material.
5. The horizontal dewatering machine is mainly used to dehydrate and dry materials after cleaning and separation.
6. The dryer is mainly used for drying materials after being dehydrated by the horizontal dewatering machine.


What Are the Components in Plastic Washing Line?

Considering that most of the plastic waste is non-degradable, recycling plastic waste is an important issue not just from the point of view of solid waste management but also from their contribution to global warming.

A washing line can be an important part of the recycling process as it separates the contaminants from the original waste.
The components used in a plastic washing line are:
1. Belt Conveyor – Used to transport materials between different machines. Usually, there is one belt conveyor connected with a dewatering machine and drying system.
2. Plastic Crusher – Breaks the big size dirty plastic into a smaller size for easy feeding into the next stage.
3. Screw Feeder – A screw feeder is used to feed material continuously into the washer tank at a constant speed so as to ensure a good mixing effect during the washing process.
4. High-Speed Friction Washer – The main purpose of this machine is to remove glue and other impurities from the surface of raw material by high-speed friction so that it can have a better-cleaning effect in the next stage.
5. Hot Washer – Used for cleaning hot material, it can not only prevent impurities from being mixed into cleaned material but also increase working efficiency greatly by heating.


Which Different Types Available of Plastic Washing Line?

The Plastic Washing Line is used for recycling waste plastic such as PET bottles and containers. The equipment has the advantages of high output, low noise, compact structure, and so on.

The Plastic Washing Line is divided into four parts: crushing, washing, drying, and packing. According to the different raw materials, we can customize different solutions to meet the requirements of customers.
The main part of equipment includes crusher, screw loader, and screw loader. The crusher cuts the material into small pieces of PET bottles or other plastic containers to prepare for washing; the screw loader feeds the material into the crusher; then, the rinsing tank washes out the impurities in the material. The dryer uses centrifugal force to remove excess water from wet materials before packaging; finally, use a packing machine to pack in bags or other packaging containers.

different types available of plastic washing line

How to Choose a Right Plastic Washing Line Manufacturer?

PP LDPE HDPE washing line is the most popular recycling machine. When you plan to buy a plastic recycling machine, how to choose the right supplier?

PP PE film washing line is suitable for waste PP PE film, bags, woven bags, packing films, and so on. The output of the film washing line can be 300kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h.

There are many manufacturers of washing lines in China. The plastic recycling machines from different suppliers have a big difference in price. If you want to buy a high-quality washing line at a reasonable price, there are some suggestions for your reference:
1). Is it possible to visit the factory before you confirm the order?
You'dYou'd better go to see the production workshop of the washing line and check the quality of the machines. A good supplier always welcomes customers visiting his factory. If a supplier does not allow visiting his factory, he may not be a good one.
2). Does the manufacturer have professional engineers?
The engineer will design the plastic recycling machine according to your requirements and provide professional answers when you have any questions about plastic recycling machines.

Are the Plastic Washing Line Machines Easy to Install?
The plastic washing line machines are very easy to install. The customers just need to set up the equipment according to the layout.
It needs an area of about 300 square meters; we will send you a foundation drawing for free; you can build the foundation by yourself.
We also provide video guidance to help customers with installation and commissioning.


How Are Plastic Parts Sorted for the Pp/pe Film Washing Line?

After the plastic parts are sorted by the manual pre-sorting platform, the impurity removal of the plastic parts is carried out by the trommel screen for a second screening. The trommel screen is made up of multiple screens, which can sort out the impurities and large plastic particles, and then the small plastic particles are transported to a series of sorting platforms for further sorting.

The sorting platform is composed of multiple magnetic separators, specific gravity separators, and manual sorting platforms. In addition to manually sorting out large iron blocks, other steps are all machine sorting.

First, the gravity separator is used to sort out heavy materials such as stones and bricks. The specific gravity separator uses the specific gravity difference between different materials to separate heavier materials from lighter materials. This step can remove stones and heavy metals in plastics.

The magnetic separator then uses magnets to separate iron blocks or other metal objects from small plastic pieces.

When all these steps have been completed, most of the impurities in plastics have been removed. The remaining small impurities are manually sorted on a manual sorting platform before entering the PP/PE film washing line.


How Will I Know Which Type of Plastic Washing Line I Need?

With over 15 years of experience in the plastic industry and manufacturing plastic washing lines, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with our customers. We understand that it can be confusing knowing what type of plastic line you need for your business, so we have produced a guide to help you decide which type of plastic line is best suited to you.

Before you start shopping for a plastic washing line, you should know what type of plastic washing line you need. To do that, you'll need to answer the following questions:
1. What is my budget?
2. How long of a washing line do I need?
3. What is my washing load size?
4. How much space do I have?

Well, you've successfully learned all the necessary information about plastic washing lines, now it's time to make the right choice for your needs.
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