The role of PVC washing line 1700

2022-04-25 15:52:19

As a rule, people are very practical — and so it is with choosing the washing line that best suits their needs. Even so then buy, it becomes necessary to ensure that there won't be a lot of savings on this product, but also, customers need to be confident in the quality and durability of products. Therefore PVC washing lines require special care and attention: all the more so as these lines will have to endure the test of time. Unlike natural, man-made polymers are not resistant to external influences, especially the sun's UV rays and moisture — they tend to break down quite rapidly.

This type of machine is designed to easily clean waste plastic products. It features high-speed friction washing and a hot sinking swimming tank to remove strong dirties. The final products are PET flakes with low impurities and PVC content. They can be further processed into straps, fibers and granulated materials. All rotating parts comply with CE standards. The whole line is made with robust materials to ensure durability.

It can easily wash waste plastic products

The High Speed Plastic Washing Line Flakes Friction Washer is specially designed to clean waste plastic products. It is used to clean waste packaging materials, agricultural films, dirty agricultural films, and hard plastics. Besides, it can wash waste PVC bottles, caps, and jars. Its advanced features make it an ideal choice for recycling waste plastics. After crushing the plastics, this washing machine applies friction to clean the waste products.

The washing machine can be connected to other plastic washing lines. The washing line is designed to wash waste plastic products, crush them, and dehydrate them. It can also wash waste PP woven bags, PP plastic films, and PS. Its compact structure allows it to easily be connected to other plastic washing lines. After washing, the waste products can be sorted and disposed. The water content of the waste plastics after drying can be up to 5-8%.

It can remove dirt from waste plastic products

The plastic washing line is an efficient washing machine for waste plastic products. Its main functions are to crush waste plastics into small pieces and to wash them. This ensures an excellent washing effect and prevents blocking during the process. The washing line also includes a flotation tank for removing materials with low density so as to improve the washing efficiency and purity of the plastic waste. This line also uses a high-speed friction washer to remove dirt and other contaminants from PP woven bags and plastic films. It can reach a cleanliness level of 95%.

The High Speed Plastic Washing Line Flakes Friction Washer is an ideal machine for cleaning waste plastic products. This machine can remove dirt from waste plastic products, dirty agricultural films, packaging materials, and other waste plastic products. It is capable of washing a wide variety of waste plastics, including PVC. Its advanced features make it an excellent choice for industrial and municipal waste plastic recycling. With its patented technology, the PVC washing line can remove dirt from waste plastic products.

Waterfree Cleaning Recycling Production Line: The waterfree washing line can remove dirt from waste plastic products using friction, grinding, and collision. The waterfree washing recycling production line solves problems caused by uneven feeding, and it also installs a silo for the crushed materials. The machine uses a computer-controlled side-feed screw feeder to feed materials into the extruder. This washing system is one of the most recommended models on the market today. The machine can clean both hard and soft plastics and requires only two hours of operation time.

1700 PVC washing line can be purchased at an affordable price, which is why it is a great option for anyone who wants to invest in the best. It has the ability to hold up large loads of laundry and keep them from falling to the ground. Anyone who has had to deal with sagging clothes will appreciate this feature, which can eliminate such problems for good. It also allows for plenty of drying time, so your clothes won't become damp over night or in a short amount of time like you would see with string lines.

As you can see from the above, there are clearly some advantages that you will enjoy by choosing pvc washing line 1700 for you. The benefits do not end there, however. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, pvc washing line 1700 is efficient and cost-effective for the environment and for users. You will spend less money over time because it lasts longer than cotton or string line. The reduction in harmful emissions is an added bonus to decide this purchase. It is easy to see why so many customer prefer pvc washing line 1700 to its predecessors. 

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