The Advancement Background of Pet Bottle Washing Line

2021-10-25 16:49:12

The Pet Bottle Washing Line is mainly used to recycle waste plastic packaging films, greenhouse films, agricultural mulch films, and others. The recycling washing line includes a film screening, crushing, cleaning, drying, and other functions. It is recycling equipment for waste plastic films. At the same time, a plastic granulator can be configured according to customer requirements, which can directly granulate and recycle the washed plastic film.


The Advancement Background of Pet Bottle Washing Line

As early as the 1980s, the PET container cleaning procedure started to show up. However, reused container pieces were primarily utilized as basic materials for regular fibers in the last century. The demands for the high quality of primary materials weren't so high, so it might not be highlighted. The benefits of the entire container cleaning procedure, as the PET basic materials establish more extensive downstream items, increasingly more high-value-added PET items are more excited for top quality reused PET container flakes. For that reason, the entire container cleaning procedure is slowly considered a brand-new kind of innovation, which has drawn the industry's interest.


Entire container cleaning procedures of the pet bottle washing line

1. Set cleaning type; the various other is constant feeding and discharging type; there's a massive distinction in developing idea and framework in between both.
Set cleaning kind: The primary framework is a double-layer cylindrical tube with a shut top opening up and lower, the outer cylindrical tube is placed, the internal cylindrical tube can be turned forwards and in reverse, and the inner cylindrical tube wall surface has spiral blades, which ends up being the primary resource of kinetic power for container mixing and can be corrected—reverse manage to feed in and out. The double-layer cylindrical tube is set up at an oblique angle (the look resembles the concrete blending drum, and the framework resembles the drum washering). The cleaning technique resembles automated washering. After quantitative feeding, inning accordance with "washing (pre-washing)"-"cleaning"-" "Wash" is performed in 3 phases.
After conclusion, the washing reverses and discharges the container product. It's likewise geared up with a collection of cleaning supplies of water, flow, and filtering systems.

2. Constant feeding and discharging: the primary framework is a tunnel-shaped straight, rounded drum, the front finish is the inlet, and the backside is the electrical outlet. The reduced section of the round drum is immersed in the cream storage container, and the internal area of the drum is offered with interspersed propulsion. Open up the spiral blade with work and damping work.

The container body is taken into the drum by the pressure of the blades; while rolling and mixing, it gradually advancements to the electrical outlet and discharges. Section of the pollutants divided at the same time is discharged into the cream storage container from the drum wall surface opening up, and a few of the more prominent pollutants are removed from the electrical outlet together with the container.

Evaluating both from the point of view of cleaning work, the set cleaning technique can be thought about as a total cleaning procedure, and the constant cleaning technique can accomplish the pre-washing phase. The level of decontamination of the container body of both techniques usually is various. This final thought boosts the tons of the succeeding movie refining system of the constant procedure, and the coordinating problems of the movie refining are practically the like the pure movie refining procedure.

Pet Bottle Washing Line

Bottle Washing Unit in PET Bottle Recycling Line

Recyclable plastic polyester chips, also known as RPET polyester chips, are made from used Coke bottles, mineral water bottles as the primary raw materials. Recyclable polyester chips are a kind of green plastic material with lightweight, non-toxic, impact, and other features. RPET polyester chips can be used as the materials of plastic bottles of drinking water. RPET polyester chips can form renewable resources bottles through performing factory slabs with a specific process and blowing factory blow. The beverage factory put the drink into the new bottles and the new glass into the consumer beverage market, thus forming a completely renewable resource recycling chain. RPET polyester chips can also be used in the textile industry etc. It is a good injection molding material and spinning plastic particles. RPET polyester chips have broad space for development because of their excellent price.

The development of the economy, environment and resources has become the bottleneck constraining economic growth. The story of circular economy, sustainability, recycling is our only way to take a new road to industrialization. The plastic raw material is extracted from petroleum, but petroleum is about to be finished mining and non-renewable. Therefore, through the recycling of waste plastics, while reducing the exploitation of new energy sources, on the other hand reducing the waste on the environment pollution. China is the largest provider of PET bottles in the country; according to incomplete statistics, every year produce 500 million tons of waste plastic bottles, and PET bottle waste incineration and landfill pollution of the environment for all to see, therefore, a vast potential market for recycled plastic is also attract more and more attention.

The working principle and characteristics of bottle cleaning unit
PET bottle recycling line by the unpacking unit, separate label unit, bottle cleaning unit, separation unit, wet grinding unit, heat- floating washing unit, remove glue with heat- friction unit, rinse units, dehydration units, clean up dust and packaging unit and other components, shown in Fig. 1.

PET bottle recycling line

Fig. 1 PET bottle recycling line

To remove as many external impurities as you can before crushing recycled bottles, which is a necessary foundation to ensure the quality of the final PET bottle chip and the cost of production. Features of the process used in the bottle washing unit are a continuous feed, continuous cleaning, and automatic water-circulation filtration system. The use of a specially designed body inside the machine to make PET bottles of friction, pharmaceutical clean water, high temperature, the surface of the bottle labels, dirt, sand, glue, rubber, and metal separation from the bottle's surface.

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