Product introduction of double shaft shredder

2022-08-22 14:43:07

what is the double shaft shredder?

Scrap rubber shredder, also known as the double-shaft shredder, plastic shredder. Is through shearing, tearing, and extrusion to reduce the size of the material, for waste recycling pre-crushing, reducing the capacity of the treatment to provide quality and reliable shredding equipment. Widely used in waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber, large tires, large nylon material, rubber head material, large pieces of fishnet, a large pipe, fiber, paper, and another large volume of waste rubber discards.

double shaft shredder
double shaft shredder

The advantages of twin shaft shredder

1. Double cutter shaft type mechanism, using multiple pieces of multi-jaw cutters, and with the cutter shaft with multi-angle changes, cutting energy-saving, cutting force, showing strong crushing ability.
2. Motor through the gearbox transmission system to do the transmission structure, so that it becomes a low-speed, high-torque powerful operation, to achieve the crushing effect.
3. Large transmission wheel, made of special steel, hardened by heat treatment, long service life.
4. The gearbox adopts an oil-feeding pulley, with smooth running, low noise, high torque, and resistance to long-time running operation.
5. The design of low speed and high torque provides lower noise and less dust to improve the good working environment.

The advantages of twin shaft shredder
The advantages of twin shaft shredder

Double shaft shredder features

● Ultra-low speed, high torque, 8~30 revolutions per minute
Low noise, low dust
Optional motor or hydraulic motor
● For the different nature of materials, customers can freely choose the integral shredding blade or the assembled detachable blade
Advanced simulation software ensures the mechanical structure of integral or assembled blades to avoid breakage and disintegration
Optional hydraulic forced feeding device for more efficient and faster shredding of materials
● Double locking structure at both ends of the shaft head to ensure blade installation position and prevent axial displacement
Microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with start, stop, reversing, and overload automatic reversing control functions
80~100 hours feeding test before shipment to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

Double shaft shredder features
Double shaft shredder features

Applications of double shaft shredder.

The waste film, woven bags, paint barrels, cardboard boxes, waste tires, wood, household garbage

Double-shaft shredders are widely used in waste plastics, rubber, wood, and other bulky waste, the equipment of thirty years of experience in China, and according to the actual situation in the country to improve, research and development, the introduction of mature technology and advanced design of the twin-shaft shredder, for China's waste recycling pre-crushing, reduce the capacity of the treatment to provide quality and reliable equipment.


Equipment features.

Thick power, high crushing efficiency dynamic knife and fixed knife are cast with alloy steel, strong, long service life
Iron frame plate thick can resist high torque, very strong
Easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable

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