Product Features of the China Automatic Pet Washing Line 2022

2022-02-10 21:28:22

Product Features of the China Automatic Pet Washing Line


The machine features a high automation level and can process 100-2000 kg per hour. The touch screen panel controls ensure user-friendliness and efficiency. The line parts are made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring that the flakes do not get contaminated again after washing. The China Hot Selling Waste PET Bottle Washing Machine can clean, recycle, and sort the waste PET bottles. This machine includes a belt conveyor, wet crusher, screw feeder, floating tank, and hot washer.

The automatic machine of the PET washing line from China features three main functions: crushing, washing, and drying. The binding machines of the device are connected by a belt conveyor and controlled by a general control cabinet. The trammel separator, used to separate the bottles, is the preliminary sorting machine for loose PET bottles. It removes dirties, caps, and labels from the bottles. The label separator, which can remove the PET bottle labels, is specially designed to eliminate the brand from the bottle.

China's WANROOETECH PET Washing Line combines crushing, washing, and drying functions to clean dirty PET bottle bales. It can easily clean dirty PET bottles with high-quality flakes and low cost. The flake-free, contaminant-free PET flakes can be further processed into plastic granules. Its high-efficiency cleaning process reduces the cost of manufacturing and decreases the production loss of the PET bottle.

The PET Washing Line from China is fully automatic, with virtual machines connected via a screw loader and a belt conveyor. The equipment can be automated and controlled by a general control cabinet. The trammel separator, a preliminary sorting machine for loose PET bottles, removes cap-based items and dirt from the bottles. A particular label-separating machine is designed to remove the label from the bottle.

The PET Washing Line from China includes a conveyor belt, a label-removing machine, a metal detecting system, a sink-float washing tank, and a dewatering system. The equipment can remove small contaminants and labels and produce quality rPET flakes. The PET washing line from China is fully customizable. For a customized PET recycling line, contact us today!


The PET Washing Line from China consists of a series of equipment.  


The first step is the unpacking of PET bottles. Then the PET flakes are cleaned and sorted. Then, the flakes are broken and separated into different colors and sizes. After this, the bottles are dried, and the PET flakes are cleaned. After that, the flakes are sorted, and the label is removed.

The second step is washing. The PET bottle recycling line consists of different equipment. The main components of the PET Washing Line include a pet bottle crusher, a sorting table, a dewatering machine, and a drying system. The devices can work at different capacities, ranging from 300 kg per hour to 3000 kg/h. The final stage is the granulating stage.


The PET Washing Line is a fully automatic machine. 


It is composed of several vital machines connected by a belt conveyor. The trammel separator is the preliminary sorting machine for the PET bottle bales. It removes dirt and caps from PET bottles and allows subsequent sorting. The dewatering system removes contaminated materials. This step is also essential in PET recycling.

The PET Washing Line from China features the following essential machines: the PET bale crusher, the trammel separator, and the drying machine. The latter is a preliminary sorting machine for PET bottles. It uses a trammel separator to remove any cap or label from the PET bottle. It is fully automatic and has a belt conveyor for a smoother and more efficient production flow. This unit is also connected to the general control cabinet.

The packer washing line, for example, is an efficient machine with a compact footprint and high-speed cleaning mode. The packer washing line uses less energy than its predecessor and is very stable. The packer system can also be easily maintained. The company can also help its customers to reduce maintenance costs. The washing process is easy and quick to use, making it a cost-efficient option for a PET-waste recycling line.

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