Plastic Washing Line

Plastic washing line
With the strengthening of global environmental awareness, plastic washing and recycling has been an important business in the plastic recycling industry by more and more countries. With the support of technical and installing engineering teams, PACKER is committed to providing customized waste plastic washing and recycling solutions.


PACKER plastic washing and recycling production system with a variety of design technology and modular construction, according to the regional situation of raw material, differences between production areas, products quality requirements, and investment budget, applicable to the bottle grade, sheet package grade, and fiber (PSF) grade production Currently available capacity up to 4,000 kg/h.

HIPS/ABS/PP Plastic Washing Recycling Line

Plastic PP/PE Film/woven Bags Washing Recycling Production Line

Fully Automatic 304 Stainless Steel Waste Plastic Films Washing Line

300kg/h - 3000kg/h Waste PET Bottles Washing Recycling Line

500kg/h - 3000kg/h PET Flakes High-Speed Dewater Machine for Plastic Washing Recycling Line

500kg/h-3000kg/h Stainless Steel PET Flakes High Speed Friction Washer for Plastic Washing Recycling Line

PET Bottle Label Remover for Plastic Washing Recycling Production Line

300kg/h-1000kg/h PE Film Squeezer and Granulator for Plastic Film Washing Recycling Line

300kg/h-1000kg/h PE Film Squeezer for Plastic Film Washing Recycling Line

Plastic Washing Recycling Line Details

1. What is Plastic Washing Recycling Line?

Plastic bottles and films are widely used daily, which greatly brings convenience. However, their pollution of the environment cannot be ignored, so waste plastic bottles and films need to be recycled and processed again. PACKER’s new generation of plastic washing recycling line not only meets the requirements of waste plastic recycling but also reduces energy consumption and wastewater discharge.

As an equipment manufacturer, PACKER provides reliable plastic washing recycling lines, equipment maintenance, recycling project solutions, and after-sale services.


2. How does the Plastic Washing Line Works?

PACKER plastic washing line is a large-scale complete set of equipment in the solid waste recycling industry. The main functions include primary shredding treatment, washing, and impurity removal. Secondary shredding treatment, dehydration and squeezing, drying and bagging, and other processes. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of films, plastic bottles, daily miscellaneous plastics, household appliances, plastic shells, and other renewable solid waste plastics with economic value.

2.1. Plastic film washing line workshop video

3. Flow Chart of Plastic Washing Line.

Flow Chart of Plastic Washing Line


4. Features of PACKER Plastic Washing Line.

1. High automation, less labor cost, low energy consumption, and high output.
2. Provide the whole solution for by-products during production, such as variegated bottles, non-PET material, sewage water, labels, caps, metal, etc.
3. With materials pre-treatment systems, such as a pre-washer and label processing module, highly improves the quality of final products.
4. Through multiple cold flotations, hot washing, and friction washing, fully remove the impurities, such as glue and organic and inorganic residue.
5. Reasonable process design, reduce maintenance costs and bring convenient operation.


5. Components of PACKER Plastic Washing Line.

5.1-Waste plastic feeding conveyor belt: even feeding.
5.2-Shredder: Shred bales or loosely woven bags with water while pre-washing.
5.3-Spiral washer 1: Conveying and washing waste plastic.
5.4-Pre-washing machine: removes impurities such as sand and pebbles.
5.5-Spiral washer 2: Conveying and washing waste plastic.
5.6-Floating rinsing tank1: washing waste plastic, removing sediment and impurities.
5.7-Crusher: crushing waste plastic with water to crush and wash it.
5.8-Spiral washer 3: Conveying and washing waste plastic.
5.9-Friction washer 1: washing waste plastic, and removing sediment and impurities.
5.10-Floating rinsing tank1: further washing waste plastic, removing sediment and impurities.
5.11-Friction washer 2: washing waste plastic, removing sediment and impurities.
5.12-Centrifugal dehydrator: clean plastic dehydration.
5.13-Hot air drying system: clean plastic further drying
5.14-Bagging system: dry plastic loading into bags
5.15-Electrical control system


6. Different Types of Waste Plastic Washing Lines.

1, Waste PE film washing recycling line (26 faqs about PE film washing recycling line)
2, Waste HDPE bottle washing recycling line
3, Waste PP woven bag washing recycling line
4, Waste PET bottle washing recycling line


7. Plastic Washing Line youtube video

8. What PACKER is Professional In?

PACKER is a professional company, focusing on the research and development of plastic recycling technology and equipment, providing a complete set of solutions for PET washing lines, PP/PE film washing linesplastic film granulating lines, plastic crushers, and plastic shredders.

With decades of experience in the field of the plastic recycling industry, continuous development, and the introduction of new technologies and equipment, PACKER will provide customized waste plastic recycling solutions for different customers.

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