Plastic Shredder

In order to make plastic recycling more efficient, finding a powerful plastic shredder is the most critical. PACKER has accumulated rich experience and profound technical strength in the field of plastic shredders and can provide the most suitable plastic shredder solutions according to the size and material of recycled plastics. 

PACKER plastic shredder is specially designed for shredding various HDPE/PE/PP plastics, including plastic blocks, plastic trays, pipes, films, woven bags, as well as various types of electronic cable waste, ICB buckets, large household appliance housings, waste paper, waste wood, and various organic materials. 

300kg/h - 3000kg/h PP/PE Films Single Shaft Plastic Shredder

300kg/h - 1000kg/h PP/PE Hard Blocks Single Shaft Plastic Shredder

500kg/h HDPE/PVC/PP/PE Pipe Single Shaft Plastic Shredder

Plastic drum/pallet/Rubber Tire Double Shaft Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder Details

What is a plastic shredder

1, What is a Plastic Shredder?

With the application of a large number of plastic products in our daily life, more and more waste plastic is generated every year. However, only 10% of waste plastic in the world will be recycled and reused. The rest will be buried or incinerated, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment.

A plastic shredder is a solid waste reduction machinery environmental protection shredder equipment for shredding high-density polyethylene HDPE plastic products and materials to facilitate plastic recycling and recycled plastic granules. For example mineral water bottles, PET bottles, motor oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, etc.

Plastic shredder, also called single-shaft crusher, single-shaft shredder, is the use of dynamic knife particles and fixed knife interaction, and through the screen to control the size of the material, the material will be shredded, shear, extrusion to process the material to a smaller size. It is often used for the fine crushing of various solid wastes and can process the materials to a smaller size at one time, which is widely used in the fields of resource recycling, RDF (domestic waste derived fuel) production, waste reduction, and so on. It has the features of the small size of the discharge, replaceable screen, wide applicability of materials, and high efficiency.

The plastic shredder can shred HDPE/PVC/PP/PE waste plastic, which effectively improves the recycling efficiency of plastic waste. PACKER plastic shredders can be customized according to the characteristics of different plastics to achieve high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, and uniform discharge.


2, How does the Plastic Shredder Works?

How the plastic shredder works

A plastic shredder is a shredding machine for coarse shredding. Generally, a single-shaft or double-shaft plastic shredder works at a low rotation speed. Cutter heads in plastic shredder cut and shred plastic. With low speed and strong working conditions, it can achieve a very good shredding effect on plastic products.

A plastic shredder is composed of four parts: shredding mechanism, bracket, recycling box, and pulling cart. The size of the equipment is determined by the size of the material and material handling capacity. A plastic shredder is designed with a filter device inside, when the plastic shredder works normally, the filter plays a role in separating the material and liquid, effectively recycling the liquid left on the bottle.

The cutter head of the plastic shredder is connected with the worm gear reducer motor installed on the driving shaft. It is transmitted to the driven shaft through the speed reducer. The moving knife on the driving shaft forms relative motion with the stationary knife disc on the casing. The spiral tooth cutter discs on the main shaft are staggered. After the plastic product enters, it is squeezed, torn, and sheared at the same time, so that the plastic is shredded piece by piece.


3, Types and Choice of Plastic Shredder Blades.

Types and choice of plastic shredder blades

The single-shaft plastic shredder blade, as the name suggests, is installed on the shaft of the single-shaft plastic shredder and is called a moving knife. The shape is square, the four sides of the knife edge are curved, the middle tapping hole, and the part from the knife edge to the middle hole is recessed inward, which is used with the fixed knife on the knife holder.

The multi-shaft plastic shredder blade is a claw knife, which is installed on the double-shaft plastic shredder according to the design of each company. Generally, it can be divided into a 3-claw shredder blade, 8-claw shredder blade, 12-claw shredder blade, etc. It is used for shredding, tearing, and squeezing to reduce the size of materials. This plastic shredder blade is widely used in the shredding of waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, and other bulky wastes.

The material of the plastic shredder blade is generally 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11, and D2.

9CrSi is an alloy tool steel. This material has high tool hardness and good wear resistance but is more brittle. It is suitable for soft waste materials such as rubber, fiber, and paper.

Cr12MoV and SKD-11 are cold work die steels. These two materials have similar properties and have strong wear resistance and impact resistance. They are suitable for shredding wood, waste furniture, and plastics with high hardness.

D2 is a high carbon and high chromium steel with excellent rust resistance and flexibility, high stability, but not easy to grind.


4, Features of PACKER Plastic Shredder.

4-1: The thick moving knife has high crushing power. The knives are made of special steel through forging production and processing, which is sturdy and has a long service life.

4-2: The fuselage is welded with high-strength steel plates, which can resist high torque, and the fuselage is very strong and durable.

4-3: Adopt microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse, and overload automatic reverse control functions.

4-4: The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, and low noise. Its dust can meet environmental protection standards.

4-5: Easy to adjust, low maintenance, economical and durable.

4-6: All PACKER blades can be customized according to customer needs. They are short processing cycles and long service life.


5, Components of PACKER Plastic Shredder.

5-1: Plastic shredder structure introduction:
The whole machine includes one unit main machine, a complete motor, one reducer, one centralized control device, a feeding conveyor, a discharging conveyor, and a magnetic separator.

5-2: Internal introduction:
High-quality blades can be used for more than 3 years. The measuring disc is forged with special wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials. It is made by several accurate processing and heat treatments. It is removable, grindable, and replaceable. High torque, low speed, using hydraulic motor control, and ordinary motor start, the configuration can be selected according to the buyer’s investment and automation level. There is a discharge device. The cutter plate will automatically turn over and restart when encountering materials that cannot be shredded.


6, Different Types of Waste Plastic Shredders.

6.1: PP/PE films single shaft plastic shredder
6.2: PP/PE hard blocks single shaft plastic shredder
6.3: HDPE/PVC/PP/PE pipe single shaft plastic shredder
6.4: Plastic drum/pallet/rubber tire double shaft plastic shredder


7, Working Video of PACKER Plastic Shredder.


8, What PACKER is Professional In?

PACKER is a professional company, focusing on the research and development of plastic recycling technology and equipment, providing a complete set of solutions for plastic shredders, plastic crushers, PET washing lines, PP/PE film washing lines, and plastic film granulating lines.

With decades of experience in the field of the plastic recycling industry, continuous development, and the introduction of new technologies and equipment, PACKER will provide customized waste plastic recycling solutions for different customers.


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