Plastic Laboratory Equipment

Plastic laboratory equipment is essential in any laboratory setting. Plastic laboratory equipment can be used to conduct a wide array of experiments, including examining the properties of different types of plastics and how they react with one another. Plastic laboratory equipment also has applications in research and development, as well as manufacturing environments.

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What is Plastic Laboratory Equipment?

Plastic laboratory equipment is used for a variety of applications including the production of plastic products, the testing of materials and components, and the production of a wide range of chemicals. The most common types of plastic laboratory equipment include:

Blowing Machines: Plastic blowing machines use air pressure to blow heated plastic into various shapes such as bottles or tubes. Blowing machines can be used to make small batches or larger volumes depending on the size and power of the machine.

Extrusion Lines: Extrusion lines are used to produce long lengths of plastic tubing from a variety of materials such as PVC and PP. These machines extrude plastic into a tube shape using pressure from a screw-like mechanism that pushes against the outside walls of the pipe as it spins around at high speeds.

Molding Machines: Molding machines are used to produce parts in a single piece by forcing molten plastic into molds made from steel or aluminum blocks. These machines can also be used for injection molding, where two halves are clamped together around an object in order to form a perfect copy out of molten plastic material.

Mixers: Mixers are used to mix ingredients together in order to create more consistent products with less waste and better quality control.

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