• PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine
  • PF series injection moulding machine

PF series injection moulding machine

PF series double guide injection moulding machine is suitable for the production of general purpose and factory plastic products, low hydraulic energy consumption, slow hydraulic oil temperature rise. It has high stability and high economy.


  • Detail Introduction

1. Brief introduction:

In terms of injection moulding structure, PACKER injection moulding machine adopts screw-plunger hybrid structure and PID temperature control method, which effectively guarantees the stability of plasticization and metering. From general-purpose resins to engineering plastics, high-quality injection molding can be carried out, which is suitable for the production of micro-small precision injection moulding parts in various fields such as microelectronics products, communications, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, automation devices, clocks, toys and medical equipment. .


2. Working principle of injection moulding machine.

The injection molding machine is a process in which the plasticized molten state (viscous fluid state) plastic is injected into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and the product is obtained after curing and shaping. Injection molding is a cyclic process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding—melt plasticization—pressure injection—mold filling and cooling—mold opening and pick-up. After taking out the plastic products, the mold is closed again, and the next cycle is carried out.


3. Work flow of injection molding machine.

The granular or powdered plastic is feed into the hopper. Heating the outer wall of the hopper through spiral rotation to melt the plastic. Injection moulding machine closes the mold and moves the injection seat forward to fit the injection port. The pressure oil is injected into the injection cylinder and the screw moves forward. After cooling for a certain period of time under pressure, the mold can be opened to take out the product. The purpose of keeping the pressure is to prevent the melt from flowing back in the mold cavity, supplement the material in the mold cavity, and ensure that the product has a certain density and dimensional tolerance.


4. Advantages of PACKER injection molding machines.

A, Clamping unit
· Opitimized platen design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars.
· European platen layout with both T-slot and tap holes. Locating design in moving platen is more suitable for various molds.
· New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity.
· Hydraulic adjustment gear system makes molds adjust faster and more stable.
· Mechanical safety bar is for easier operation.
· Linkage structure of front connecting rod increases connecting rod's strength greatly, as well as the whole clamping unit rigidity and accuracy.

B, Injection unit
· High quality linear motion(LM)guide ensures injection smoothly and accurately
· High speed and high pressure adopt special injection design, improves injection speed
· Twin nozzle cylinder ensures more even and stable structure
· Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements

C, Hydraulic System
· The double proportional compound valve control system pressure and flow, high sensitivity and stability
· Adopt the imported pump, low noise, long lifetime, stable performance
· The optional world-class servo hydraulic system, lower noise, energy-saving
· The precise feedback control of servo system to the pressure and flow, with higher sensitivity and more accurate repeatability precision
· High performance hydraulic valve, less failure, fast switch, convenient maintenance.
· Low pressure mould protect system, which is more suitable for the precision mould
· Greese and oil - double lubrication systems can lubricate everywhere in the best situation

D, Electrical System
· Techmation has launched Linux panel
· HMI built-in more than 29 languages
· Software,including monitoring data,Molding data storage, Alarm records,10 historical i njection curves,Log parameters modified etc
· Software,including monitoring data,Molding data storage, Alarm records,10 historical i njection curves,Log parameters modified etc
· SPC monitor
· Every action displays its curve,to understand the condition of this machine more detail:Injection curve,charge curve,melted resin temperature curve,quality curve,temperature curve of the driver,heater ON time setting, keeping warm function(available in 386 CPU)
· Customized design and a variety of graphics library,exclusive picture and the customer choose the mode of operation

E, Servo Controller Part
· High Precise Control
The servo System can control the machines' pressure, speed and location precisely makes sure that the error of accurate repeatability Precision for the shot measure is ≤0.3%. So that it can achieve the Precision Injection Molding Machine.
· High Sensitive Response
Because the motor vector is matched with the controller accurately, it just takes the 0.05S when input the number from 0 to max. Compared with other traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, AF series machine's speed is obviously more quickly, each cycle time is shorter, the production efficiency is higher.
· Low Noise
Compared with the traditional fixed pump and variable pump system, the noise will be lower 1/10 under normal circumstances. What's more, the noise of overall system will be less than 80dB when under the high-speed circumstances. So this series is more suitable for the sealed dustless workshop.
· Enery-Saving
Overall efficiency is more 10% and the driving capacity is more 18% than the common machine. Related to the energy saving, this series Can save energy about 30%~80%, with the first-class energy efficiency.
· The Cooling Water Saving
The system condition prevent high pressure unloading without any power output leads to the cooling water saving.


5. PF series injection moulding machine technical parameters

Machine model

Shot volume (cc)

Shot weight (g)

Screw diameter (mm)

Injection pressure (Mpa)

Screw L/D ratio

Screw stroke (mm)

Screw speed (Rpm)

Pump motor power (KW)





































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