• PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine
  • PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine

PP/PE/ABS profile extrusion machine

Profile extruder: This series of extruders can be used to produce various plastic profiles, such as PVC and polyolefin, by adjusting the extruder speed and changing the structure of the extrusion screw.
Modified granulation: suitable for blending, modification and enhanced granulation of various plastics.


  • Detail Introduction

1. Our plastic extruder

It is mainly used to produce high-speed plastic-steel door and window profiles. It is a newly developed product by our company according to market needs. It is characterized by low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, and compact and beautiful appearance.


2. Working principle of extruder

The plastic material enters the extruder from the hopper. It is conveyed forward by the rotation of the screw. During the forward movement, the material is heated by the barrel, sheared and compressed by the screw to melt the material. Thus realizing the change among the three states of glass state, high elastic state and viscous fluid state.
After pressurization, the viscous material passes through a die with a certain shape, and then becomes a continuous body with a cross section similar to the shape of the die according to the die. Then cool the shaped shape, and thus obtain the required processed parts.


3. Components of extruder system

Among extruders, the most basic and versatile is the single-screw extruder. It mainly includes six parts: transmission, feeding device, barrel, screw, machine head and die, as well as related auxiliary equipment.
1)The transmission part is usually composed of a motor, a gearbox and a bearing.
2)Most of the feed materials are pellets, but strips or powders can also be used. The charging equipment usually uses a conical hopper.
3)It is generally a metal barrel made of alloy steel or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel. Its basic features are high temperature and compressive strength, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
4)The screw is the heart of the extruder and the key component of the extruder. The performance of the screw determines the productivity, plasticizing quality, dispersion of fillers, melt temperature, power consumption of the extruder. The screw directly affects the application range and production efficiency of the extruder.
A.The role of the machine head is to convert the plastic melt in rotational motion into parallel linear motion, so that the plastic can be further plasticized, and the melt can be introduced into the die evenly and stably, and the necessary molding pressure can be given to make the plastic easy to form and the resulting product is compact.
B.The die is a channel with a certain cross-sectional shape. When the plastic melt flows in the die, it obtains the desired shape, and is cooled and hardened by the shaping device and cooling system outside the die.
C.The components of the machine head and die include filter screen, porous plate, flow divider (sometimes it is combined with the core into one part), core, die and machine neck and other components.
5)The auxiliary equipment of the plastic extrusion unit mainly includes a pay-off device, a straightening device, a preheating device, a cooling device, a traction device, a meter counter, a spark tester, and a wire take-up device. The use of the extrusion unit is different, and the auxiliary equipment used for matching is also different, such as cutters, blow dryers, printing devices, etc.


4. Advantages of PACKER extruder

1)The specially designed screw can be widely used in the production of door frames and window frames, ensuring high melting efficiency and stable foundation.
2)Rapid cooling of calibrated molds makes production fast and efficient.
3)The calibration table has pressure and water flow monitoring to make the control more precise.
4)The traction is driven by an independent motor to ensure stable and reliable transmission.
5)The saw/cutter guarantees fast cuts with smooth cut surfaces and precise lengths.
6)A variety of pulling and cutting designs are more economical.
7)Equipped with punching machine, laminating machine, hot stamping machine, and printing machine are automatically and synchronously controlled.


5. Technical parameters

Model of extruder

Width of product (mm)

Max. Capacity (kg)














6. Pictures of machine


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