Plastic Extrusion Line

Plastic hollow sheet has a wide range of applications and is an ideal substitute for wooden materials, so it is widely used in product packaging, construction and other industries. PACKER's hollow sheet extrusion production line has high reliability and strong adaptability, and can be applied in different production scenarios.

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Plastic Extrusion Line Details

1. What is plastic hollow sheet?

Plastic hollow board is also called hollow grid board, double-wall extruded board. It is a product that is extruded from polypropylene (PP/PE) as the main raw material. It has the characteristics of light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, rich in color, etc. Its superior environmental protection performance is more and more recognized. Now it has been widely used in electronics, packaging, machinery, optomagnetic technology, bioengineering medicine and health and other industries.


2. Features of plastic hollow sheet.

1)Good mechanical properties:
Special structure of the plastic hollow board makes it have excellent mechanical properties such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning and shock resistance, high stiffness, and good bending performance.
2)Lightweight and material-saving:
Plastic hollow boards have excellent mechanical properties, less consumables, low cost, and light weight.
3)Heat insulation and sound insulation:
Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow board, its heat transfer and sound transfer effects are significantly lower than those of solid boards.
4)Anti-static, conductive, and flame-retardant:
Modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods are used to make the plastic hollow board have anti-static, conductive, or flame-retardant properties.
5)Stable chemical properties:
Plastic hollow boards can be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, insect-proof, fumigation-free, and have obvious advantages compared with cardboard and wood boards.
6)The surface is smooth and beautiful, and the colors are complete:
Due to the special molding process of the plastic hollow board, any color can be achieved through the color masterbatch, and the surface is smooth and easy to print.
7)Environmental protection effect is obvious:
Plastic hollow board has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, etc. It is easy to dispose of, will not pollute the environment, and can be reused to make other plastic products.


3. Application range of PACKER plastic extrusion machine.

1. Turnover boxes for various parts, instruments and beverages. The backing plate and partition of the inner packaging of precision instruments.
2. Lining boards for various boxes and travel bags.
3. Advertising decoration boards, display boards, product identification boards, billboards, light boxes, window modeling boards, etc.
4. Anti-static turnover boxes and card board series products are more suitable for the electronics industry, especially microelectronics companies. Due to their flexible size, structural changes and excellent static discharge performance.


4. Components of PACKER plastic extrusion line.

Main components of the extrusion line are extruder, quick screen changing device, mold, calibrating table, primary tractor and trimming device, heat oven, laminating device, secondary tractor, cutting device, conveyor, material rack, etc.


5. Advantages of PACKER plastic extrusion line.

1)High efficiency:
Maximum width can reach 3200mm, and the maximum line speed can reach 15m/min.
2)Production flexibility:
Controllability of product thickness and quality. Same equipment and the same mold can produce 2~6mm products.
3)Strong adaptability:
Our equipment can use recycled materials, leftover materials, and crushed materials for direct production, saving more than 30% of production costs.
Specially designed screw, advanced temperature control system to ensure stable plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency, the motor power is reduced by 20%.
High-quality alloy die lip and adjustable choke block to provide uniform pressure. High-precision molds are the guarantee for the production of high-quality hollow board products.
6)Vacuum shaping table:
The heat convection system is arranged in a staggered manner to ensure high-precision shaping and cooling.
7)Electrical control system:
Micro-processing unit (PLC) is used to control precise parameters and optimize operating characteristics.


6. What PACKER is professional in?

PACKER is a professional company, focusing on the research and development of plastic recycling technology and equipment, providing a complete set of solutions for plastic extrusion machine, plastic crusher, plastic shredder, waste plastic washing line and plastic granulator machine.
With decades of experience in the field of plastic recycling industry, continuous development and introduction of new technologies and equipment, PACKER will provide customized waste plastic recycling solutions for different customers.

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