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Plastic Extrusion Line Details

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What is a Plastic Extrusion Line?

A plastic profile extrusion line is a production line where sections of plastic are produced for use in a wide range of applications and products. The process takes plastic in its raw form and melts it down into a liquid, before adding colorants, stabilizers, and other additives that give the material its desired properties. Once this has been completed the molten plastic is forced through a tool to create the required profile shape.

Commercial plastic extrusion lines can be used to create everything from simple plastic rods and tubes to more complex shapes like window frames, piping, insulation, and plastic sheeting. When it comes to manufacturing these types of products, most companies rely on a high-quality plastic extrusion line in order to ensure that their finished components are shaped correctly and have the correct dimensions.


How does the plastic recycling extrusion machine work?

1. The plastic recycling extrusion machine consists of a barrel and screw assembly, an extrusion dies a product take-off device and a driving means. The screw assembly is mounted in the barrel which is equipped with heating and cooling devices.

2. The raw material is fed into the hopper at the feed end of the barrel where it is mixed and heated to a viscous state by the rotating screw.

3. As the screw progresses towards its discharge end, the viscous material is forced through the extrusion die where it emerges as a continuous plastic profile of predetermined cross-sectional configuration.

4. The molten plastic is then conveyed by suitable transport means to a cooling zone where it solidifies before being drawn off by haul-off means for further processing or storage as required by the particular product manufactured.

5. In this way, waste plastics can be recycled into new products!

plastic recycling extrusion machine

Plastic Extrusion Line components

The main machine of the plastic extrusion line is the extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, transmission system and heating and cooling system.

1, Extrusion system
The extrusion system includes a screw, barrel, hopper, head, and die, plastic through the extrusion system and plasticized into a uniform melt, and in the process established under pressure, by the screw continuous extrusion head.

2, Transmission system
The role of the transmission system is to drive the screw, supply the screw in the extrusion process required torque and speed, usually by the motor, reducer and bearings, etc.

3. Heating and cooling device
Heating and cooling are necessary conditions for the plastic extrusion process to be able to carry out.


The technical principle of the plastic extrusion machine

The plastic extrusion machine is mainly composed of the screw, barrel, die head, cooling device, drive system, and control system.

The process of plasticization and extrusion is mainly completed in the barrel. The worm and the inner wall of the barrel have a suitable clearance to ensure that the material can be fully plasticized and the molten material can be discharged smoothly. The temperature of each part of the barrel can be adjusted according to different materials.

The screw is a key part of the plastic extrusion-making machine and must be designed according to different materials and products. The screw has two functions: transportation and mixing. The screw rotates in the barrel to advance the material forward and also mixes it with each other during conveying. In order to achieve different purposes, many types of screws are designed.

The die head is an important part of the plastic extrusion machine. It converts the molten material into a shape close to its final shape under pressure conditions. The die head has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture.


principle of the plastic extrusion machine

Plastic Extrusion Line for plastic recycling main applications

Plastic Extrusion Line for plastic recycling is mainly used for the production of PP, PE, PA, ABS, and other materials of the sheet, strips, pipes, and so on. This line can equip with different series of extruders to meet different demands.


Plastic Extrusion Line for plastic recycling main applications:

1 . PE/PP/HDPE/LDPE and other materials sheet, strip, and film;

2 . PVC single-wall corrugated pipe;

3 . PA/PP fiber compound pipe;

4.PP-R/PERT hot and cold water pipe;

5 . PA wire sheath;

6 . PE carbon spiral pipe;

7 . PET high transparent sheet;

8 . PVC imitation marble profile;

9 . PE wood-plastic profile;

10 . ABS plastic profile;



Main specifications and features of Plastic Extrusion Line

1. Electrical appliance adopts an imported famous brand, oil pump, switch, and solenoid valve adopts Taiwan or German brand.

2. Screw and cylinder are made of 38 CrMoAlA material with nitrogen treatment, which has high strength and good corrosion resistance. The surface hardness is HV=900 after nitriding treatment. It can ensure the service life of the screw for over 1 year without melting blockage or chipping.

3. Barrel cooling adopts an automatic cycle water cooling system, which ensures the even temperature of the whole barrel in order to ensure the quality of plastic products and reduce energy consumption.

4. Temperature control adopts PID closed-loop control system, with high precision and uniform temperature, which can effectively keep the temperature error between different zones within±2℃.

5. Vacuum calibration adopts advanced frequency converter to adjust the speed and stable operation; vacuum pump adopts imported famous brand with large flow volume, low noise and long service time; vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel board and welded with argon arc welding, which has strong corrosion resistance; vacuum chamber is equipped with automatic tank level control device to ensure continuous production of equipment without stopping for replenishment



Main types of Plastic Extrusion Line

Plastic extruders are used to produce a wide range of products in large quantities. The plastic extrusion process is also used in the creation of polymers, plastic sheeting, plastic film, and plastic pipe.

There are main types of Plastic Extrusion Line:



plastic sheet extrusion line

plastic sheet extrusion line is mainly used to produce PP, PS, or other plastic sheet products. The production line includes a single screw extruder, mold, three rollers calendar, cooling bracket, tractor, cutter, and stacker. It can produce different thicknesses and width sheets by changing the die head and mold.

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plastic pipe extrusion line

The plastic pipe extrusion line is used for continuous production of plastic pipes, the main PVC plastic pipe extrusion line is a conical twin-screw extruder, single screw extruder, PP-R, PE-RT, PEX pipe materials, PVC-U pipe material, etc can produce PP-R pipe, PE pipe, PE-RT pipe, PVC pipes, PEX pipes and so on.



plastic film extrusion line

the plastic film extrusion line is designed for high output and a wide range of polymer materials. There are many options like automatic thickness control, internal bubble cooling, and in-line slitting that can be added to increase productivity. The plastic film extrusion line is used for the extrusion of polyethylene films.



plastic cup extrusion line

The plastic cup extrusion line is for the production of disposable plastic cups, the forming machine can produce two kinds of cups, one is the external smooth cup, and another with pearls on the outside of the cup.



pe plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line

PE plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line is mainly used to produce PE gas and water pipes. The main raw material is HDPE, which adopts the advanced technology of double-extrusion to produce high-quality pipe with special bellows.



China plastic extrusion line factory

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Plastic extrusion line price

The plastic extrusion line price of the plastic extruder is determined by a number of factors and each factor has its own weight. The main factors that affect the price of plastic extruders include the following:

1. The material used by different manufacturers of plastic extruder equipment is very different, and the quality can not be said to be good or bad, but rather different, so the price of plastic extruder equipment will inevitably vary;

2. In Different manufacturers in different regions, the labor cost is also different, so the price of plastic extruder equipment will be different;

3. Different models of plastic extruders have different prices. For example, if you want to use an automatic cutter to process PET, you need a special plastic extruder for PET production;

4. The manufacturer's after-sales service is also related to the price of plastic extruders. The more perfect after-sales service provided by manufacturers, the higher the price of plastic extruders;

5. As an old saying goes, "the same goods are sold at three points." Although there are many factors that affect the price of a plastic pipe production line, it does not mean that it is more expensive for a good manufacturer with high equipment

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plastic extrusion line


Plastic Extrusion Line care and maintenance

A plastic extrusion line is a kind of machinery that softens the plastic and uses the screw to push it out, so as to make the plastic process into a certain shape. Plastic extruders are widely used in building materials, packaging, automotive, aerospace, daily necessities, and other industries. There are many types of plastic extruders, including single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, co-extruder, flat film extruders, pipe extruders,s and so on.

In order to make the plastic extrusion line work better, we can carry out good preventive maintenance on the equipment during use. For example:

1. Daily inspection and inspection of all key components in the plastic extrusion line;

2. The boundary dimensions should be checked regularly to ensure that they meet the design requirements and working condition requirements;

3. Check whether the oil temperature is too high or too low;

4. Check whether there is abnormal noise in the motor;

5. Check whether there is a leakage phenomenon in each pump;

6. Check whether the pressure of each system is appropriate;

7. Check whether there is any abnormal friction between the bearing parts;

8. Check whether there is any wear or damage


Plastic Extrusion Line Failure Analysis

The Plastic extrusion line is common plastic machinery and equipment, in the process of the daily operation of the extruder, the extruder will have a variety of failures, affecting the normal production of plastic machinery, in the following we will analyze the extruder failure.

Plastic extruder fault analysis: the host current is unstable

Plastic extruder fault analysis: the main motor can not start

Plastic extruder failure analysis: the head is not smooth or blocked discharge

Plastic extruder fault analysis: the main electric starting current is too high

Plastic extruder fault analysis: abnormal sound from the main motor.

Plastic extruder maintenance

The plastic extruder equipment should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor work heat dissipation, to extend its life; the machine should be kept well grounded.

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