Plastic crushing production line

2022-12-01 09:40:28

Plastic shredders are also divided into different models. The output, output size and crushing cavity of the equipment are different. When choosing a plastic crusher, the appropriate model size should be selected according to the nature of the material.

The plastic crushing production line is divided into four parts: plastic crushing module, conveying module, sorting module and automatic control module. The entire production line adopts a modular design, which can be freely combined and adjusted according to buyer requirements, and realizes production's automation and production through the automatic control system. The modular design can adjust the equipment at any time according to different production requirements.

Plastic crushing production line

(1) Plastic crushing module

The waste plastics are pre-shredded by a twin-shaft shearing shredder. The pre-crushed materials are then crushed by a single-shaft crusher.


(2) Transmission module

The conveying module is divided into a feeding belt conveyor and discharging belt conveyor. The feeding belt conveyor conveys the materials evenly and transports the required crushed materials to the crushing cavity of the crusher for crushing. The crushed materials are transported to the subsequent process by the discharge belt conveyor.


(3) Sorting module

A self-unloading permanent magnet iron remover is installed on the material conveyor belt between the double-shaft crusher and the single-shaft crusher, which is used to separate the magnetic materials contained in the pretreatment of the first crushed plastic materials.


(4) Automatic control module

The control room combines the Internet of things, data technology and various smart sensors to realize online monitoring, physical examination of equipment and systems, and real-time monitoring and protection.

The processing of waste plastics includes crushing, screening and molding processes. For example, waste plastics are mixed with other materials and piled up. The intelligent production line will entirely crush and coarsely crush the materials and then screen and classify them according to different materials. Some impurities, such as sand and stone, can be backfilled directly. At the same time, other organic matter can be squeezed and dehydrated for the anaerobic fermentation process, and then waste plastics can be quickly obtained. This kind of waste plastic can be melted and recycled as waste plastic particles, synthesized with other materials, or used in other processes.

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