Plastic crusher machine

2022-11-25 15:51:07

A plastic crusher machine is suitable for recycling plastic waste products, such as plastic bottles, plastic braided wires, woven bags, plastic mesh ropes, films, plastic sheets, plastic pipes, medicines and food, etc. It can crush nylon, resin, PVC, TPR, Polypropylene, polyethene, high and low-pressure polycarbonate and rubber and other plastics in the process of grinding. The pellets can be directly used for injection moulding or recycled after basic pelletization.


Classification of Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic crusher machine plays an essential role in the plastic products industry. It is mainly divided into the powerful plastic crusher, complex plastic crusher machine and pipe plastic crusher machine.


Powerful Plastic Crusher Machine

In the powerful plastic crusher machine, the knife's structure exists between the claw knife and the flat knife. It is suitable for crushing ordinary sheets, pipes, plates, and other plastic products. The primary use is sealed bearings to keep the rotation of the directions in good condition for a long time. . At the same time, the design of the knife shape of the powerful plastic crusher machine is also reasonable, mainly using alloy steel blades and the granulation of the product is relatively even. It has passed a rather strict balance test, and the appearance of the design is beautiful and generous.


Hard Plastic Crusher Machine

The hard plastic crusher machine is a unique rectangular feeding port designed for sheet material crushing, which is convenient to put some rectangular sheets into it and crush it, which can effectively improve work efficiency. It is also equipped with some suction fans and storage barrels. The board crushing and recycling system further improve the recycling efficiency. At the same time, the rotation of the bearing can be kept in good condition for a long period of time through the sealed bearing. The design of the knife shape of this crusher is also reasonable, the granulation of the product is more uniform, and the appearance design is also more beautiful.


Pipe Plastic Crusher Machine

The pipe plastic crusher machine is suitable for crushing small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes and silicon core pipes. According to the characteristics of pipe material crushing, the feeding port is designed into a square shape, which is convenient for throwing some long pipes into it and crushing, which further improves the efficiency of crushing work.

Pipe Plastic Crusher Machine

Principle of Plastic Crusher Machine

The plastic crusher machine drives the moving knife and the cutter head to rotate at high speed through the motor. During the high-speed rotation of the moving knife, it forms a relative movement tendency with the fixed knife. In this process, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife can crush some large Block plastic and use a screen to filter and output the crushed particles.


Problems in the Development of Plastic Crusher Machine

The current market development problems of plastic crusher machines are manifested in three aspects.
1. Most equipment manufacturers rely solely on imitating and plagiarizing the original crusher products on the market. They have low technical content and cannot keep up with the development trend and market demand. Although such products have low investment costs in the manufacturing process, they Have a relatively low price but poor practicability, high failure rate during operation, and often need to be maintained and repaired.
2. Foreign plastic crusher machine production technology and strong competitive methods have formed a greater impact on the crusher market. Foreign companies have poured into the market one after another, quickly occupying a favourable market share in a short period of time, causing manufacturers to face severe challenges.

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