Mask Making Machine Production

2021-10-29 18:46:04

Demand for masks
The outbreak of the new coronavirus has triggered the problem of the difficulty of finding masks across the country and even the world. According to statistics, we need more than 530 million masks every day, which is a considerable number. More and more mask manufacturers have begun to produce covers, which has also given birth to the demand for mask machine equipment.

Under the particular market demand, not only many mask machine equipment manufacturers have begun to work overtime, but some companies that initially engaged in medical products, textiles, and paper products equipment have also transformed in response to government needs and began to produce masks. As an essential provider of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing solutions, PACKER organized the company's core technical backbone to study the mask machine's technical characteristics quickly. It successfully produced fully automated mask equipment with excellent industry experience and market technology and exported it to the global epidemic. Regions respond to the needs of epidemic prevention.

Three types of medical masks
According to the application's performance characteristics, medical masks can be divided into three categories: medical protective masks, medical-surgical masks, and ordinary medical masks. The primary raw material is non-woven fabrics, among which melt-blown cloth is the most important, which plays a crucial role in filtering and shielding. , Is the "heart" of the mask.


The Role of Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

A fully automatic mask making machine is the most common equipment for mask production. It can produce all kinds of masks without a breathing valve and breathing valve and can automatically complete the production process from raw materials to finished products. The production process of the fully automated Mask Making Machine is mainly affected by the appearance and shape of the mask. In the market, according to the characteristics of flat masks and three-dimensional masks, there is mainly two mask preparation equipment with different processes, so different solutions are required.

Mask Making Machine

Fully automated solution for flat mask machine
The flat mask machine is mainly used to produce medical surgical masks and ordinary medical masks. The main process of the flat mask machine is non-woven fabric stacking, folding, tabletting, slitting, ear cord hot pressing, etc. The process is relatively simple, and process control is more important. In addition, since the slitting of the front section is generally faster, the procedure that affects the efficiency is mainly the step of welding the ear cord at the back end.

Therefore, some equipment uses one for two and one for four methods; that is, one slitting equipment is matched with multiple welding ear rope equipment to increase production capacity.

According to the control requirements and characteristics of the plane mask machine, the Multi-Function PLC Control Fully Automatic Face Mask Machine RGP001 series can be used to complete the task.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) RGP001 series adopts a self-developed 32-bit SoC processor. The powerful positioning control function can support up to 8 axis CANopen at the same time, and it can be completed quickly with the professional and simple editing software interface ISPSoft V3.0 Hardware and network settings. Because the RGP001 series has built-in multiple special functions, through the CANopen bus, with the exclusive mode to control the servo drive system, the control function is powerful, and the operation is more simple and convenient.

The RGP001 series in the solution is a CANopen high-speed communication servo drive system, which contains electronic cam functions. It has more advantages in the planning of production equipment strokes. It has the characteristics of precise positioning and smooth control and produces reasonable cutting curves. Meet the process requirements of automatic mask machine equipment transmission and cutting.

In addition, the RGP001 series is also very efficient in the hot pressing process of the ear cords of the mask. It is usually used with 2-3 ear strap welding machines. The heat sealing accuracy of the whole machine is as high as ±0.5mm, and the accuracy of welding ears can reach ±1mm.
After testing, the production speed of the solution's flat automatic mask machine can reach 150 pieces per minute.


Folding Mask Making Machine solution

The process flow of the folding mask making machine is different from that of the flat mask machine. Because the shape of the mask processed by it is mainly three-dimensional, it is necessary to weld the ear cords first and then die-cut to shape. The main process flow of the folding mask machine includes non-woven fabric rewinding forming, welding ear cords, folding forming, edge banding forming, etc. The production efficiency of this kind of equipment is generally slower than that of a flat mask machine, but some manufacturers will also use mechanical design to change the ear rope and edge banding action to chase shear to improve the production efficiency of the mask machine.

Different from the folding mask making machine, mask machine manufacturers prefer the RGP001 bus-based motion controller in their choice of controller. This classic controller can control up to 24 real axes and supports multi-axis commands such as electronic gears, electronic cams, rotary cutting, and G codes.


Project Summary

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the PACKER industrial automation team has quickly started. With a fast service response, it has completed the rapid shipment of the fully automatic mask making machine. PACKER will continue to escort the production of masks with rich experience and superb technology.

Of course, no matter how fast the mask production is, it can only complete the export of mask products. To put them on the market, they need to be disinfected with ethylene oxide and left for at least seven days before leaving the factory. But we believe that this war epidemic will eventually be triumphant, and the long winter will also end.

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