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The power system of PACKER injection moulding machine adopts full motor drive, PLC, frequency conversion, and servo control technology. While achieving high-precision control and substantial energy saving, the equipment avoids the common noise, heat, and oil leakage of hydraulic injection molding machines.

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Injection moulding machine Details

1. What is injection moulding machine?

The injection molding machine is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products by plastic molding molds.


2. Working principle of injection moulding machine.

The injection molding machine is a process in which the plasticized molten (viscous fluid state) plastic is injected into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and the product is obtained after curing and shaping. Injection molding is a cyclic process; each cycle mainly includes quantitative feeding—melt plasticization—pressure injection—mold filling and cooling—mold opening, and pick-up. After taking out the plastic products, the mold is closed again, and the next cycle is carried out.

Injection molding structure

3. Structure of injection moulding machine.

An injection molding machine generally comprises an injection molding device, clamping device, hydraulic system, and electric control system.
1)Injection molding makes the plastic melt uniform and injects it into the mold with sufficient pressure and speed. It is necessary to ensure that the forming mold is reliably closed, the mold is opened and closed, and the product parts are removed. Under high pressure, the melted plastic is injected into the cavity, so sufficient clamping force must be applied to the cavity to lock the mold without overflowing or affecting product quality.
2)The injection mould frame is mainly composed of a fixed mould frame, mobile mold frame, rear wall plate, front and rear mould frame connecting rods, mould frame cylinder, ejection mould frame, and mould frame adjustment device.


4. Work flow of injection molding machine.

The granular or powdered plastic is fed into the hopper. Heating the outer wall of the hopper through spiral rotation to melt the plastic. Injection moulding machine closes the mold and moves the injection seat forward to fit the injection port. The pressure oil is injected into the injection cylinder, and the screw moves forward. After cooling for a certain period under pressure, the mold can be opened to take out the product. The purpose of keeping the pressure is to prevent the melt from flowing back into the mold cavity, supplement the material in the mold cavity, and ensure that the product has a certain density and dimensional tolerance.


5. Difference between injection molding machines.

1)Ordinary injection molding machine: it runs continuously; even if the machine stops, the motor keeps running.
2)Servo injection molding machine: Every time a different action is made, the corresponding power will be used to provide power. If the machine does not move, the servo motor will stop completely.
3)The servo energy-saving system has six major elements in the power system of the injection molding machine: 1. Servo motor, 2. Encoder, 3. Gear pump, 4. Servo driver, 5. Pressure sensor, 6. Drive control module.
4)Advantages of servo injection molding machine:
4.1) All-electric injection molding machines use servo motors to realize mold opening and closing, ejection and demoulding, raw material injection and storage, etc.
4.2) The operation speed is fast and precise, which greatly improves or improves the production environment and Productivity.
4.3) The response speed can reach 0.03ms, much higher than the 0.3ms response speed of the variable displacement pump, thus significantly improving the control accuracy.


6. Application scope of PACKER injection molding machines.

1) Auto parts, such as interior panels, headlight housings, bumpers, etc.
2) Parts of electronic products, such as mobile phone cases, computer cases, mouse cases, etc.
3) Household appliance parts, such as washing machine casing, TV casing, refrigerator casing, etc.
4) Daily necessities, such as microwave oven casings, water cups, plastic chairs, plastic tables, plastic turnover boxes, plastic trash cans, etc.


7. Features of PACKER injection molding machines.

1)Swiveling And Two Layers Linear Guide Rails Injection Unit
2)Wider Space Between Tie-bars Clamping Unit
3)Controller Options to satisfy customer's request
4)Excellent Hydraulic system
5)Energy Saving Servo System


8. What PACKER is professional in?

PACKER is a professional company focusing on the research and development of plastic recycling technology and equipment, providing a complete set of solutions for injection molding machines, plastic film granulation machinesplastic crushersplastic shredders, PET washing lines, and PP/PE film washing lines.
With decades of experience in the plastic recycling industry, continuous development, and the introduction of new technologies and equipment, PACKER will provide customized waste plastic recycling solutions for different customers.

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