How to Increase the Output of Plastic Granulators?

2021-11-18 16:18:16

What Are the Functions of Plastic Granulators?

The screw of the plastic granulator is specially designed and used in different configurations, which is suitable for producing a variety of plastics regeneration and mixed color granulation. The reducer of the granulator is mainly designed with high torque, there is no noise during the operation, and the performance is stable.

Including the screw and the barrel, they have been specially hardened and have good wear resistance. The exhaust port adopts a vacuum or ordinary design. During the production process, moisture and a large amount of excess exhaust gas are removed to make the discharge more stable and the particles firm. To ensure better product quality. To

Plastic granulator has many functions. It can process waste plastic films, plastic basins, barrels, beverage bottles, etc. It is suitable for the recycling of most common waste plastics. It is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry and is popular among users. It recycled processing machinery.

When using a plastic granulator, you need to pay attention to the following: the granulator should run forward to prevent the equipment from turning upside down. Do not run on an empty stomach when there is no heating machine. You must first heat the device and add materials before turning it on to avoid sticking. To prevent accidents, ironware and other sundries cannot enter the granulator's feed port and vent hole.

Plastic Granulator

What is the Method to Increase the Output of the Plastic Granulator?

After the plastic granulator is used for a long time, various accessories will experience a certain amount of wear, which will reduce the product quality and production efficiency. Of course, in addition to the problems of the machine itself, there may also be improper operations by the operators when using the device. Still, no matter what the reason is, the reduction of production capacity will affect the development of the enterprise to a certain extent.


Three Ways to Increase the Production Capacity of the Granulator

1. Increase the motor power of the granulator
The motor supports the screening work and is the primary source of power for the screening work. Appropriate adjustment of the power of the engine can also increase the output of the granulator.
2. Adjust the angle of the plastic granulator. A proper angle can reduce the thickness of the material, thereby realizing the choice of thin layers. When the material input speed is too fast, it will cause material accumulation, which reduces the screening efficiency but may also cause damage to the screen.
3. Adjust the number of grids of the granulator
There are more than three reasons that affect the productivity of plastic granulators, but these three methods are more practical and effective. It is also possible that these methods are not suitable for your company's current situation. You can contact our company's technical staff. We will formulate a reasonable solution to restore your production capacity and reduce unnecessary losses according to your problem situation.


How to Properly Maintain a Waste Plastic Granulator?

A plastic granulator is widely used. In the waste plastic industry, the use of waste plastic granulators dramatically reduces environmental pollution. The maintenance of waste plastic granulators mainly has the following eight steps.
1. Place the plastic granulator machine in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat can be quickly dissipated when the motor is working, and the life of the engine is prolonged;
2. Check the knives and screws. After using the new plastic granulator for 1 hour, it is best to use tools to tighten the screws of the movable knife and the fixed knife to enhance the stability between the blade and the knife holder;
3. add lubricating oil to the bearing area regularly to ensure the lubricity between the bearings;
4. Regularly open the pulley cover because the plastic granulator room will discharge a part of the powder into the shaft bearing, so it is necessary to remove the dust from the ash outlet below;
5. When changing the tool, adjust the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife appropriately. If the recycled material is relatively thin, the gap between the portable knife and the fixed knife can be adjusted appropriately;
6. Before starting for the second time, clear the remaining scraps in the machine room to reduce the resistance during starting;
7. To ensure the sharpness of the cutter, check the blade frequently to ensure its bite; otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage to other parts;
8. The plastic granulator is well-grounded, and static electricity will also affect the machine.


Operating Guidelines of Plastic Granulator

The plastic granulator is installed by the manufacturer to the production workshop for the user, and the equipment is tested. The operator of the plastic granulator is responsible for the granulator from the day he takes over the plastic granulator. An excellent and qualified person in charge of a recycled plastic granulator should remember the following eight precautions in terms of job responsibilities.
①Study carefully the instructions of the machine and equipment, and figure out the main components of the Plastic granulator and the functions of each part.
②The operator shall conduct a practical assessment of the operating procedures for the personnel operating the plastic granulator, and those who pass the assessment can operate the equipment independently.
③Able to operate independently and find common failures of production line equipment and product quality problems, and can eliminate problems for handling.
④ It is necessary to know clearly how to maintain machinery and equipment.
⑤ If there is a malfunction or accident in the machine and equipment, it must be reported in time and can explain this phenomenon and the cause of the common malfunction of the machine and equipment.
⑥No one is allowed to use machinery and equipment without the approval of the workshop leader.
⑦The users of machinery and equipment should keep old accessories and not pile them up randomly. If the accessories are lost or cause harm, they shall bear the responsibility for default storage.
⑧ Do not use any reason or excuse to allow things that may cause personal injury or damage to machinery and equipment to occur.

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