Composition of plastic film washing line 3720

2022-04-19 16:15:29

PE/PP film washing line system is designed for maximum washing efficiency in plastic films with contamination levels exceeding 80%. Designed to maximize washing efficiency and reduce recycling water flow rate, this system removes high percentages of abrasive materials and produces particles of uniform size. Optimised for a specific material, the system features high-speed washing to separate contamination from film flakes and under-water force-washing paddles to maximize cleaning efficiency.

PP/PE film wash line system

Designed for washing plastic films, the PP/PE film wash line system is an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution to reduce water and energy consumption. The high-speed washing system features under-water force-washing paddles that remove a large percentage of abrasive materials and create a uniform particle size. With a central electric control panel, the system is easy to operate and features several features for maximum efficiency.

Besides high-efficiency washing, the PE film recycling line uses a sink float separation tank to separate the materials. Plastic films that are suitable for recycling float, while other materials like glass and metals sink. This process ensures a thorough clean and makes a significant reduction in the amount of waste plastic. The PE film recycling line also features automatic controls for high-volume production. A comprehensive CE/SGS certification is provided for the entire recycling line.

PP/PE film granulator

PP/PE film granulator is a type of plastic recycling equipment, which can process different kinds of plastic waste. The machine is made up of three parts, namely, plastic extruder, cooling water trough, knife dryer, and cutter. PP/PE film granulator is widely used in the recycling of various types of plastic products and materials. It can also be used to recycle other materials such as fiber and foamed plastic.

PP/PE film granulator is specially designed for processing stretch films. It features a two-piece cutting chamber made of robust welded steel construction. The upper and lower housing sections meet horizontally and feature a heavy-duty paddle-type rotor. The driving rotor knife is installed in a "V" angle cutting shape, while the reversible stator knives are fitted on the lower housing section and feature double-edged, double-cutting edges. The machine is equipped with hinged screen cradle and double-layer cutting disk.

PP/PE film granulator is a machine that re-pellets woven bags, PP/PE film, nylon, and PVA plastic materials. It features high automation degree and a highly efficient granulation process. It is also suitable for recycling woven bags, bubble wrap, and paper towels overwrap. A PP/PE film granulator can also be used to process non-woven fabric and woven bags.

PP/PE film granulator has four main parts: the vantage point, lubricant, and fixity. It is used for the granulation of various materials, such as plastic, polyethylene, and kalite. The granulator has the capacity to resize materials like kalite and PVC film. It can be used to resize various materials. However, it is best to use a small pelletizer with a small granulator to resize plastic materials.

Wet plastic granulator

A typical wet plastic granulator for plastic film cleaning line consists of a friction washer, a horizontal centrifuge, and thermal heaters. Variations of this setup can be very efficient, however. Some plastic washing lines utilize two friction washers instead of just one. Another option is to place a shredder before the wet granulator. This machine can reduce plastic films to a finer particle size, which is then cleaned further.

A plastic granulator is also called a crusher, as it can quickly cut through various types of plastic scrap into uniform flakes or regrinds. The machine consists of an open rotor with heavy duty knives in a v-shape or double-scissor configuration. These knives contact one another and grind plastic scraps until they are small enough to pass through a screen filter.

A wet plastic granulator is the first step in the plastic film washing line. It is a necessary step for recycling LDPE film. Once it has been cleaned, it can be used as plastic pellets or as raw material for new products. The water in the plastic granulator reduces the friction and heat that occurs during the shredding process, and the film is subsequently able to be sold for a decent profit. A high-speed friction washer is highly recommended for plastic film washing lines. It features a fast-rotating shaft, tilted panels, and a mesh screen tunnel.

The is a workhorse model for large volume recycling operations. The numerous short rotor knives for optimal granulation.Also produces a granulator for the post-consumer market. Is the most popular model for large scale recycling. The models are available in various capacities. Some model can accommodate up to 600 hp of granulating power.

Thermal dryer

This thermal dryer for plastic film washing line 3720 is used to reduce residual moisture levels in films. The dryer uses hot air to dry the plastic material, which is then mixed with hot air traveling through stainless steel tubing. The material spins in the transport tunnel, causing the remaining moisture to be removed. A cyclone separator reduces the residual moisture level and removes dust. This process is ideal for washing film that has high density and requires high drying efficiency.

Storage tank

The Storage Tank for Plastic Film Washing Line 3720 is an essential piece of equipment for every recycling facility. Most PE and PP films arrive in baled form and are bundled together tightly. These films must be pre-sorted, washed, and then regranulated before it can be reprocessed. For the most efficient processing, a high-quality washing system is required. PACKER developed the pre-wash system, which has become a standard part of many plastic recycling facilities.

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