Advantages of the Eco-Series Plastic Washing Line

2022-02-07 18:12:27

Advantages of the Eco-Series Plastic Washing Line

A plastic washing line is an efficient machine for cleaning mixed rigid plastics. Its design minimizes the recycling water flow rate, reduces evaporation losses, and maximizes washing efficiency. The high speed and corresponding pressure of the washing tank optimize the efficiency of the material. The mechanical and thermal drying system ensures minimum loss of material and moisture in the end product. The following points are essential to consider when choosing the right Plasticwashing line.



The Eco-Series Plastic Washing Line from packer has an extremely high throughput while maintaining high-end product quality. Sorema's recycling plants are completely preassembled at our factory. This dramatically reduces construction time in the field and assembly time at the customer's facility. It also provides turn-key solutions for complete recycling and washing projects. To understand how the Eco-Series can help you, read on.


ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line is ideal for cleaning recycled plastics.


 It is capable of cleaning the toughest contaminants and yields excellent washing results. This equipment can clean post-consumer and agricultural film, rigid bottles and drums, and heavily contaminated woven bag fiber material. Thanks to its steel-coated screen plates, it can achieve an almost 100-percent purity level. This feature allows it to be used to clean a wide range of different plastics, thereby protecting the environment and improving the economic value of these products.

The ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line is designed to provide excellent performance and clean various materials. It is suitable for recycling PP woven bags, agricultural films, rigid bottles, and wooden drums. The ECO-SERIES can clean even WEEE plastic and heavily contaminated woven bag fiber material. Despite the many advantages of this line, it can only be purchased from a professional manufacturer with extensive experience and knowledge.

ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line is patented recycling equipment that cleans hard and soft plastics with high purity. Its innovative design allows it to clean all types of plastics, from farm film to fishing nets. Both soft and hard plastics are recyclable, and the system is designed to wash them safely. It can handle both soft and rigid plastics. It requires only two hours of operation and is very compact and easy to install.


The ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line is a reliable machine that can help you recycle your waste.


 It cleans most types of plastic, including WEEE, woven bags, and agricultural films. It also provides high purity washing. A screen plate is a steel structure designed to hold a wide range of contaminants. In addition, this line can also be used to wash other types of waste, including paper. You can use the ECO-SERIES for the best results to recycle paper and different kinds of plastic.

The ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line provides high purity washing results for a wide variety of plastics. It can clean agricultural film, rigid bottles, drums, and WEEE plastic. Its steel-based screen plates are designed to remove a range of pollutants, while the stainless steel-plated screens and filters can reduce the cost of cleaning. Sorema's recycling and washing systems are easy to install and operate and are fully customizable to your needs.

ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line offers high-quality performance. It is an efficient system that effectively removes the toughest contaminants from recycled plastic. It can clean various kinds of waste, including agricultural film, post-consumer film, rigid bottles, and drums. It can even handle WEEE plastic, including the woven bag fiber. The Eco-SERIES line is designed to deliver high-purity washing results without compromising on end-product quality.

ECO-SERIES Plastic Washing Line is a high-performance machine for hard and soft plastic. It provides excellent quality performance and lower operating costs. It can handle all types of plastic and flex-shapes, including PET and rigid bottles. Its high-precision cleaning and granulating systems enhance its efficiency. You can choose ECO-SERIES models with automatic feed granulating features for optimal performance.

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