9 Faqs About Pe Film Washing Line

2022-07-01 16:34:15

Pe film washing line: we have collected the most frequently asked questions about our products and the washing procedure for clothes with PE film.

Pe film washing line

What Are the Applications of Pe Film Washing Line?

At present, the application range of PE film washing lines is mainly concentrated in the following fields:

1. Agricultural films, including mulch films and greenhouse films;

2. Packaging films, including printed films and unprinted films;

3. Consumer films, including garbage bags, packaging bags, and garbage bags;

4. Industrial films, including cable wrapping films and building films;

5. Shredded film blocks from municipal solid waste sorting plants


Why is the Water Temperature So Important to a Pe Film Washing Line?

Water temperature is an essential factor in the washing process. Generally, five degrees is acceptable for the water temperature, with a range of 5-10 degrees. The purpose is to increase the washing rate and reduce power consumption. If the water temperature is too low, then residue and impurities will be difficult to clean. On the other hand, if it is too high, it will damage the PE film.


The influence of water temperature on a PE film washing line:

1. The higher the water temperature, the more effective it is to remove oil stains and dirt on the surface of plastic particles;

2. As water temperature increases, the viscosity of plastics decreases;

3. The higher the water temperature, the faster plastic particles sink to the bottom;

4. The higher the water temperature, the greater the buoyancy of plastics;

5. The higher the water temperature, the larger the heat capacity of plastics;

6. The higher water temperatures cause plastics to expand more than normal


How to Clean the Pe Film Washing Line?

The PE film washing line is large industrial equipment. It needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This not only ensures the smooth operation of the product but also ensures the output of the products. How to clean it?

1. The first step is to clean the container and tools. Because the cleaning products used in the cleaning process are relatively corrosive, then we need to choose stainless steel, plastic, or rubber containers and tools as much as possible.

2. In order to prevent accidents during the cleaning process and reduce damage to workers, we must wear protective clothing when cleaning.

3. After cleaning, remember to check whether there are any items that are easy to accumulate dust and dirt during the cleaning process, such as pipes or joints that are difficult to clean. If you find them, you should pay attention to them in time for secondary treatment;

4. The most important part of regular maintenance is oiling and greasing because these two links must be done after every use of pe film recycling line;

5. Remember that if you want your PE film cleaning line to perform better in production, you must keep it clean at all times, take care of it at all times, and perform regular checks on all parts of it.


Any Requirements for Operating the Pe Film Washing Line?

Yes, there are a few requirements to operate the Pe film washing line.
1. The distance between the main motor and the control panel is less than 5 meters.

2. The water inlet pressure of the system is at least 0.3 MPa, and the temperature is controlled at 15-20 degrees Celsius, preferably 10-15 degrees.

3. Each reducer and bearing must be lubricated with oil (grease).

4. The motor must be grounded reliably.


How to Choose a Suitable Pe Film Washing Line?

Today, we will discuss the factors you should take into account when choosing a PE film washing line:

1. Before purchasing the washing line, you need to analyze your input materials, including pretreatment requirements and impurities. For example, if there is a large amount of mud in your PE film, it should be removed in advance. This will not only save you a lot of time and money on the washing line but also ensure the normal operation of the washing line.

2. The size of the output material after processing must be known before selecting a PE film washing line. This is because different machines are suitable for processing different sizes of materials.

3. It is also necessary to consider what kind of output material you want to get(for example flakes, granules, or powder). Each type of material has its own characteristics that are suitable for recycling or reprocessing.

4. You should know the moisture content of the final product after processing by the PE film washing line. This is important because some machines cannot dry materials completely during processing and leave most of them wet.

5. After-sales service can help solve many problems after installation and commissioning. It includes free warranty service and technical support.


What Can Be Washed by Pe Film Washing Line?

PE film washing lines are used to clean dirty PE films, such as agricultural film, waste industry packaging materials, and crushed rigid plastic.

There are all kinds of PE films, some can be washed by a PE film washing line and some cannot.

1. PE film washing line can wash light dirty PE films without printing and color

2. If the color PE film is not in a high-temperature environment, or the ink is not faded, it can also be cleaned by a PE film washing line

3. For example, LDPE agricultural film with low contamination degree, PP woven bags with no ink printing, etc.

4. Some high-temperature printing ink cannot be cleaned by this method

5. The ink on the bags of some chemical products will fade at high temperatures, and such bags should not be cleaned with our method, because it will cause serious pollution to the environment.


How Fast Can the Pe Film Washing Line Work?

Many customers who are new to the waste plastic recycling industry, want to know the speed of the whole washing line and how many tons their production line can process in one day.

The truth is that there is no exact answer to the question because different types and different thicknesses of PE film materials will affect the speed of the whole processing line. In addition, we can design different configurations for your factory according to your budget and requirements.

In general, if you want to know how fast a complete pe film washing line work, it is related to three factors:

Motor power: The motor power determines how fast you can run the screw conveyor and how much water pressure you can get. If you want high efficiency, then choose a large motor power;

Extruder diameter: Usually we suggest choosing a large extruder diameter (for example, Ø200mm) because it ensures a higher output but does not increase production costs;

Screw speed: You can adjust the screw speed during production to achieve maximum output or maximize product quality.

The output of the PE film washing line is about 300-1000kg/h, depending on the material and water conditions.

If you need a larger production capacity, we will recommend a more professional solution.


What Are the Advantages of Pe Film Washing Line?

The PE film washing line is a whole production line that adopts advanced physical recycling technology. PP/PE film washing line can crush, wash and dry the waste plastic film, such as waste agricultural film, waste packaging materials, and so on. It can make the clean, dry, and uniform size of the final products, which can be used to produce new plastics products directly.


The main advantages of the PE film washing line are as follows:

1. The whole production line is automatically controlled by the PLC program, which has a high degree of automation and convenient operation;

2. The screw shafts adopt specially designed mixing blades with good mixing effect and large torque;

3. The main body of the equipment has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, etc.;

4. The whole production line is fully enclosed with a dust removal device to prevent environmental pollution;

5. The new cutting machine is equipped with a special device to effectively prevent dust from flying during cutting;

6. The whole production line adopts intelligent design to save energy consumption;

7. Our company's PE/PP film crushing plant has a strong crushing capacity and low energy consumption.


How Long Will It Take to Install the Pe Film Washing Line?

There are several important factors that determine the length of time it takes to install a PE film washing line, including:

The total number of machines in the line.

Size and weight of all of the equipment.

How many technicians will be working on the installation?

Distance to be shipped from our factory in China to your facility.

Below is a summary of how long you can expect each step to take:

Step 1: Pre-Installation

This includes all steps taken prior to installing your PE film washing line, such as:

Machinery design and engineering.

Manufacturing and assembling of machinery.

Shipping from our factory in China to your facility.

Step 2: Installation of Machinery and Piping System (3-4 days for full line)

Once your PE film washing line arrives at your facility, you will need to unpack all equipment, organize it according to the layout plan, and remove any packaging materials, cables, or other loose items. If you have ordered a full production line, then you will also need to properly connect all machines in the line with a piping system that is equipped with necessary valves, hoppers, and heaters.

After reading the article, some people come to know more about the PE film washing line, especially the advantages and disadvantages of pe film washing line. We can get some professional suggestions from it.

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