7 Faqs About Pe Film Washing Line

2022-07-01 16:33:43

The Pe film washing line is actually a type of equipment for washing film, including polyethylene film and polypropylene film. It's widely used in packaging factories, which are producing the stretch film, shrink film and plastic bags, etc. The washing line can also be called a pe washing line or polyethylene/polypropylene washer line (or PE washer line). Here are the 7 faqs about Pe Film Washing Line:

Pe film washing line

What' S the Pe Film Washing Line and What Does It Do for You?

The PE film washing line is a series of machines that can clean dirty PE films or PE bags and then make them into clean PE granules.

This process is designed to be water-saving, energy-saving, and high efficient. And the final pellets can be used for making plastic products again, like plastic film, buckets, barrels, etc.

The production capacity of this PE film washing line depends on your requirement, which can range from 300kg/h to 1000kg/h or even more.

A PE film washing line is a combination of several machines. Each machine has its own function. The overall function of the line is to recycle waste plastic PE film into clean PE pellets. This will allow you to make more profits and reduce waste going to landfill sites around the world.


How Do You Select a Pe Film Washing Line?

The first thing to consider when choosing a PE film washing line is how much waste plastic you generate. The next step is to determine what sort of plastic you need to clean from the trash and whether you want to recycle the materials or dispose of them.

These are essential questions for determining the type of washing line that will suit your needs.

The largest PE film washing lines are used in industrial settings. These lines can handle massive amounts of material, but they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. They must be carefully monitored and serviced on a regular basis. In contrast, small-scale PE film washing lines are designed for home use, but these machines are also expensive, and they may not be able to process all kinds of materials properly.

There are different types of plastic film that can be recycled and that are used for various purposes. The most common plastic film is PE film, which is mainly used for packaging. However, this type of plastic film has a high calorific value and can be recycled, which means it needs to be washed first. In order to wash the pe film properly, a pe film washing line is needed. There are several factors that need to be considered when selecting a pe film washing line.

Material capacity

The material capacity (or throughput) determines how much plastic there can be processed in an hour or per day. This is an important factor because this determines how much production will be possible with the recycling plant. A good machine will have a capacity of more than 1000 kilograms per hour.


The output refers to the amount of washed material that will be recovered after the process has been completed. The output can vary between 80-95% depending on the type of pe film washing line and other factors such as the quality of the end product you're looking for and the size of the machine.

Space requirements

The size and shape of your facility also play an important role in determining which type of pe film washing line you should choose.

The best way to choose a PE film washing line is to visit several different companies that sell them and talk with their salespeople about your specific needs. Compare the features that each machine offers, as well as its price tag, before you make a decision.


What is the Difference Between Pe Film Washing Line and Plastic Recycling Machine?

Pe film washing line is a series of plastic recycling machines that are used to clean waste pe films/bags and then make the dirty pe films/bags into clean pe granules. After being washed and processed by our pe film washing line, these cleaned pe granules can be reprocessed into plastic products.

A plastic recycling machine is a set of machines that are used to recycle waste plastics and make new plastic products. After being processed by our plastic recycling machine, the waste plastics can be fully recycled into plastic products, which can be used again.

There are many types of plastic recycling machines on the market. They are usually classified according to the type of input and output materials. For example, there are PET bottle recycling machines and pp/pe film washing lines for pet bottles and waste pe films respectively.


How Long Does a Pe Film Washing Line Will Last?

How long a PE film washing line will last, depends largely on four factors:

1. The quality of raw material and the equipment itself

2. How well the line is maintained

3. The amount of care taken in operation

4. The work environment

Most polyethylene film washing lines will last for at least 10 years. Some are still running after 20 years or longer. This can be great, but it also means that a line may be expected to run longer than originally anticipated, necessitating additional purchases of purging or replacement parts. This is why it's important to purchase good quality equipment from the beginning.


How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Pe Film Washing Line?

To make a quick answer, the price of a PE film washing line depends on three factors: processing capacity, impurity content, and moisture content. The higher the capacity, the more expensive it will be. If there is less impurity, the cost will be lower. The more moisture content, the higher the cost will be because we need to add an additional drying system.

The price is not fixed. We usually customize it according to your requirements. The scale of processing can be determined according to your personalized needs, but the degree of automation is a problem that needs to be considered by many customers.

The degree of automation determines the cost and production efficiency. Therefore, we recommend that you consult us before making a decision.

If you want to know more details about our PE film washing line or other products, please contact us or send an email for a consultation.


Can You Tell Me Some Tips when Buying a Pe Film Washing Line?

Firstly, you need to know the types of PE film washing lines.

There are two types of PE film washing lines, one is the flow type washing line, and the other one is the frame type washing line.

Secondly, you need to know how high the output of the PE film washing line you need.

The output of the flow type washing line is at least 1000kg/h and it could be designed as higher as 3000kg/h. While the output of frame type washing line is lower than 2000kg/h.

Thirdly, you need to know how different types of waste plastic materials you want to recycle.

If you mainly want to recycle waste plastic films such as LDPE agricultural films, waste packing films, and so on, then flow type washing line will be your best choice. While if you want to recycle PE plastic bags and packages such as shopping bags and garbage bags, then frame type washing machine will be a good choice for you.

To choose a suitable plastic film washing line, you'd better tell us your demand on capacity(kg/h) and finished products. Then we can make a proposal for you.

In general, there are three types of PP PE film washing line, small capacity type(200-500kg/h), middle capacity type(700-1000kg/h), large capacity type(1500-2000kg/h).

The first step is crushing and washing, the second step is flotation washing and drying. The third step is granulating.


What Factors do Will Affect the Price of Pe Film Washing Line?

The price of plastic recycling machines has a great relationship with their quality, cost, and energy consumption. The higher the quality, the more advanced the technology, and the lower the energy consumption, the higher the price.

We are a professional pe film washing line manufacturer. We can provide you with professional answers and expert advice.

1. The quality of pe film washing line is related to many factors, such as brand, supplier, service life, raw material quality, and other factors.

2. Cost includes labor cost, material cost, and depreciation cost.

3. Energy consumption includes daily electricity consumption and water consumption per ton of materials processed.

It is our sincere hope that this article has helped you to better understand the PE film washing line and to make a good decision in order to choose the right equipment for your business. We wish you much success!

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